What is the Most Narrow Stair lift?

Many homes within the UK are built with very narrow & slim stair cases. When it comes to stair lifts, this is a concern as there needs to be a minimum amount of width that a staircase needs to have to be able to fit the chair, rail and the rider safely. Today we are going to share the most narrow stair lift that we offer.

Handicare 1100: The Best Compact & Narrow Stair Lift

when it comes to the most compact stair lift that we would recommend, we would have to say the Handicare 1100. This lift is small but mighty, being able to support up to 140kg (22 stone) and taking up very little space overall.

What is the Most Narrow Stair lift?

Width Requirements

the minimum width required for the Handicare 1100 is 28″ (71cm) from one side of the stair case to the other. This allows for the stair lift and the user to be able to fit safely & allow for the lift to ride up & down the rail unobstructed.

The Unique Narrow Slide Track

The Handicare 1100 Is one of the only lifts that uses a friction based system to travel up and down the rail attached to the staircase. Its slim, narrow profile is very helpful when you are looking at getting a stair lift installed into a narrower area.

What is the Most Narrow Stair lift?

Slide Track VS Rack & Pinion Track

Slide Track

The slide track is a slim & light rail that uses a bespoke specialist system that allows for the rail to be installed tightly against the wall, contributing to the stair lift installed onto it to take up as little space as possible. There are no teeth on the rail itself, which allows for cleaning to be done easily & by the user.

Rack & Pinion Track

Rack & pinion drive rails are the most common type of rail currently used across all stair lifts in the UK. Regular lubrication of the teeth is required to keep the rail running smoothly but with the larger size and the need for regular maintenance, they are a very sturdy rail, being able to carry more weight than a slide track.

The Right Stair lift for You

It is paramount that home adaptations fit your requirements that are currently not being met. A stair lift is a functional piece of equipment that solves the problem of getting up the stairs safely, allowing for the access of the entirety of the home safely & efficiently.

Personal needs

The personal needs of the user are paramount when it comes to finding a solution. If they have certain needs like they are not able to sit down, a standing stair lift would be a preferable option or if they are wheelchair bound & do not want to or are not able to transition to a new seat a wheelchair lift would be a better choice.

Professional Installation & Aftermarket Support

Going with a professional stair lift installation company which offers warranty & aftercare sets you up for for security & peace of mind when it comes to maintenance. Sometimes components within a stair lift break or go wrong. When that happens you want a reliable company to be able to come out and repair your lift properly.

Stair lifts if installed correctly have a lifespan of between 5-10 years. But with proper care and regular professional maintenance they may be able to keep going further beyond that lifetime.

What is the Most Narrow Stair lift?


We recommend the Handicare 1100 as the ideal small stair lift that takes up as little space as possible. It does not give up any of the safety features that should be included within a conventional stair lift while providing a unique user friendly rail that is simple to clean.

If you would like further guidance when it comes to narrow stair lifts & finding the right stair lift for your needs, you can contact Senior Stairlifts. An expert will be able to assist you in finding the right stair lift for you, your loved one or the person that you care for.