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York in the evening, a gorgeous city scape filled with old english architecture.

As one of the UK’s most iconic cities, York’s bustling ramparts have seen the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, witnessed a Viking takeover, and enjoyed some of the most vibrant modern development in recent years – all while paying homage to its rather humble beginnings. 

Starting life as a small settlement in the Mesolithic period, York has grown into quite the tourist hotspot over the past 2000 years, boasting a rich independent scene, plenty of gastronomic delights, a wealth of shopping opportunities, and a beautiful cathedral. 

With thirty renowned museums, including the JORVIK Viking Centre and a number of art galleries, the city’s heritage can be found everywhere. With a wide range of featured attractions such as their infamous ghost walks and in-depth tours, including a number of pleasure parks and rolling green spaces, York is a perfect example of living, breathing history. 

So when you’ve finished ambling around The Shambles or have spent an afternoon enjoying some of York’s finest eateries – such as the pub that marks the birthplace of gunpowder plotter Guy Fawkes – we know that putting your feet up at home polishes off a great day. So when moving around at home starts to feel strained and difficult, especially when it comes to getting up and down the stairs, it might be time to consider a mobility aid

We’re proud to be with you every step of the way, thanks to our dedicated service that always keeps the customer in mind. Our experienced engineers have used their specialist know-how to fit and install a range of stairlifts in homes across York and the UK, providing tailored solutions for houses and customers alike. 

To start your journey with us, why not give our friendly team a call today on 0800 995 6019 or use the simple contact form to get in touch.

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What are stair lift space requirements?

No one should have to compromise on the unique layout and flow of their own home, especially when customers might be considering if a compact mobility solution is right for them.

So whether you have narrow, straight stairs, tightly curved steps, or even a landing-type staircase, we love the opportunity to get creative and match the perfect stairlift to your property’s unique measurements.

If you’re in the market for a straight stairlift, then measuring at home is simple and straightforward. Here at Senior Stairlifts, our top team of engineers will always provide a free survey should you want one of us to come to your property and measure for you, but many customers opt to do this themselves to save time ahead of a quote.

That said, we do advise homeowners with curved staircases to get in touch with us, as they can be awkward to navigate on your own. Luckily, after so many years in the business – we’re dab hands at measuring tricky corners. 

Firstly, you should decide which side your stairlift will sit on. Usually, people will choose to have their stairlift sat on the strongest solid wall or on whichever side is easiest for the user to get on. The next step is to measure the width and length of your entire staircase, from top to bottom and left to right. Make sure you cover the tread at the very top and leave enough space below the bottom step too, with your tape measure fitting snug against the line of stairs. 

If you’re worried about the space requirements for a stairlift, we ask that you measure the ‘clearance distance’ at the bottom of your stairs, which determines the amount of room needed to comfortably sit the stairlift user down and fit a parked lift chair. Use a tape measure going from the nearest ‘obstacle’, such as a telephone table or window, to the riser of the bottom step to work this out. 

Now armed with your accurate measurements, our team of experts can use these to match you to the most effective solution – helping you make an informed choice from our large range of offers. 

Our team is able to build and fit stairlifts to suit almost every property, and are available to support you around the clock should something happen. We’re proud to offer our customers complete peace of mind thanks to our range of extendable warranties and additional service packages, meaning you are always in safe hands. 

To find out more about our comprehensive maintenance service or to ask our helpful team how they can get your family back on the move, get in touch with us today.

Why choose us?

At Senior Stairlifts, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive team of friendly engineers who are always happy to give our customers honest, expert advice alongside high-quality service – you won’t find any salesmen here.

We go above and beyond for our customers, with a focus on delivering mobility assistance with clean, cohesive after-care and fantastic service that puts you first. Working reactively to solve any problems, the benefits of choosing Senior Stairlifts means results you can trust thanks to our supportive warranties, giving you peace of mind when it’s most needed. 

For those looking to choose a reconditioned stairlift, none of the models we offer are no older than 12 months.

But should you ever need us to come out to your home and address a problem, we offer a fixed-rate call-out fee, so you’re never met with a surprise cost. If we can repair your lift without any parts, there’s no additional charge. Even if you’re not a customer but are simply in need of one of our stairlift service and repair engineers, we’ll always help you out.

We know that a home is the centre of our customers’ lives, so we handle every fitting and installation with the respect it deserves. When entering your property to install your stairlift, our team will ensure they leave every surface, bannister, stair, and floor immaculately clean. The only trace our team leaves behind is a fantastic, easy-to-use stairlift and hopefully, a newfound sense of security and freedom.

Our experts will also take the time to make sure you know exactly how to work the stairlift so that you’re ready to take advantage of the freedom that it offers from the moment we leave, making sure everyone gets a speedy, high-quality service at a fair price. 

If you’re struggling to navigate the stairs in your home, don’t delay. Give us a call today on 0800 995 6019 and our dedicated team will help you find the perfect stairlift for you and your property.

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