Handicare 1100

Key standard features:

If you’re looking for a slim, sleek and safe solution for your staircase, then look no further than the Handicare 1100 – the narrowest straight stairlift rail available on the market. 

As proud Handicare Partners, our knowledgeable engineers have had plenty of experience installing these lifts for clients in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Bradford, and across the UK, and are available around the clock for all your mobility needs. Whether you or your family have recently had a home assessment or decided independently that a mobility product is right for them, Senior Stairlifts will go the extra mile to help you take that next step. 

We offer an unmatched warranty on all our Handicare stairlifts, including a comprehensive, 36-month warranty on these brand-new stairlifts, which can be extended. Our 24/7 support line and optional servicing packages also make sure any unexpected issues are resolved in plenty of time, for that extra peace of mind.  If you have any additional queries or would like further advice our team is on hand to help and will support you, always.


  • Powered by patented four-wheel drive friction technology and quiet motors for a smooth ride.
  • Safe, strong and reliable rail with no tooth rack – making it easy to clean and safe to touch.
  • This stairlift is suitable for users up to a max. 140kg.
  • Fitted with an intuitive, user-friendly toggle control that gets you up and down the stairs with ease.
  • Certified to the international stairlift safety standard (EN 81-40).
  • Conserve even more space on narrow staircases with foldable seats, foot, and armrests.
  • Cleverly placed safety sensors that immediately stops the stairlift if it detects an obstruction.
  • Retractable seat belt as standard.
An elderly woman smiles whilst using a Handicare 1100 straight stairlift.
Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift - Zero Intrusion - Top of the Stairs
Close up of a Stairlift with the footrest unfolded.

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Additional powered features include:

Thanks to its unique patented technology and slim profile, there is no tooth rack on the stair lift rail, setting it apart from its contemporaries. This means that unlike other stairlifts, there is no room for grease or oil on the rail to collect dust and dirt, making it easy to clean and safe to touch. Your stairlift will be the last thing you need to brush the duster over. 

Powered by patented four-wheel drive friction technology and quiet motors, the Handicare 1100 is controlled with a user-friendly toggle remote control that allows you to get up and down the stairs with no fuss. The patented multi-drive system and straight track gives you a gentle glide every time, combining innovative design with leading straight stairlift technology.

In addition to its sleek profile and easy handling, the stairlift also boasts a foldable seat, foot and armrests as another compact feature. The stairlift also comes with a handy continuous charge function, that always keeps the batteries in constant power no matter where the chair is on the lift – guaranteeing that you’ll never find yourself getting stuck – and in the rare event of a power outage or if one of the motors breaks down, a battery backup means you can still finish your ride up or down the stairs. 

This stair lift also boasts cleverly placed safety sensors that stop the stairlift immediately, should it detect an obstruction, and is certified to the international stairlift safety standards – so you know your best interests are kept in tact.

And, in the unlikely event that something does happen, we offer a comprehensive, 36-month warranty on these new stairlifts, which can be extended, as well as 24/7 support and optional servicing packages which can ensure issues are resolved in good time.


Straight Stairlift Features

Clever aluminium track that doesn’t disrupt the flow of your home

Two remotes, one for the user and another for a person operating the stairlift

Swivel seat for convenience, powered options are available on some models

Safety sensors to stop the stairlift should it come into contact with obstructions

Internal backup battery enough for several uses in the event of a power cut

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it take major renovation to install a stairlift in my home?

In short, no! After the team at Senior Stairlift has talked to you and assessed your needs on the phone, the next step will see one of our expert engineers popping round to your house and measuring up your staircase. Thanks to Handicare’s accessibility, this allows our team to draw up a bespoke solution specifically for you, and take note of any particular obstacles or issues your stairs might have. Once we’ve noted this, we’ll propose the best solution and make you a quotation on-site – before agreeing on an installation date that suits you. 

Over the years we have fitted a number of stairlifts where the customer was previously told that one wouldn’t fit, or had one put in by another company that didn’t suit their needs. We will always do our best to find a solution for you, regardless of possible constraints or issues, so everyone can move freely in the home they have worked so hard for. No Grand Designs or fancy reconstructions needed, just our clever engineers!

On the topic of prices: our engineers will never charge you more than they initially quoted, unless you ask for additional changes beyond the initial scope. We are committed to a clear and stable pricing structure with no nasty or unexpected surprises. Get in touch with us for more information and a straight-forward quote today!

Hopefully this won’t happen, but on the rare occasion something might break, we’re on hand to sort the problem and get you on the move as quickly as possible. With one of our team available by phone on our 24-hour customer support service, even if there is an issue at midnight, a member of our team will pick up the phone, register the issue and ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. 

We understand the importance of a stairlift in your everyday lives at home, which is why we endeavour to get your house and stairlift repairs complete on the same day. With our experienced and friendly engineers’ knowledge, armed with an excellent stock of parts, we’ll get your stairlift up and running again when you need it the most.


Here at Senior Stairlifts, we have proudly helped countless people keep their independence and freedom within their own homes, using our expertise and eye for detail to go the distance for our customers. From the moment you call us to the minute we finish installing your stairlift, we are with you every step of the way.

Once your Handicare stairlift has been installed, our team will continue to be there for you long after it has been fitted, available to answer any questions or troubleshoot as needed. Our round-the-clock phone lines, and no-quibble, extendable warranty, are just two of the ways that we make sure our customers feel comfortable in their homes and use their stairlift for years to come, without worrying about what to do if an issue occurs. 

If you’re after further evidence of our track record and ability to provide a memorable service, why not read one of our online reviews on Google, Yell or on our Facebook page? Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and give our friendly team a call on 0800 1585889


What Our Customers Say


Senior Stairlifts attended to my mother-in-laws stairlift today. Lovely man, very happy with the service. Reasonably priced. Would recommend.

F Robinson
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We are very happy with the service. It’s been great for my dad. It’s made him so much more independent to be able to roam the house that he’s worked so hard for all his life. The guys came in literally a week after we paid our deposit and fitted the stairlift. My dad now feels much better in himself. Thank you very much.

S Amin
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Very happy with the service, called Thursday and they came Friday to install the stairlift. Very efficient and friendly, would recommend.

S Marsh
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