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Safe & Secure Stairlifts – For Every Home

At Senior Stairlifts, we know how important it is to have support that’s available around the clock wherever – and whenever – you need a bit of a helping hand. That’s why our impressive team of engineers work across the length and breadth of the UK, suppling comprehensive repairs, installation and maintenance in the comfort of your own home. 

Our dedicated team are able to provide expert insights and assistance when you need it most. With years of experience under our belts, we love nothing more than solving problems and getting things done – so you can back to doing what you love. 

We specialise in operations throughout the Midlands, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and beyond, with teams stationed in the following locations: 

  • Leeds 
  • Bradford 
  • Harrogate 
  • York 
  • Sheffield 
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham 
  • Manchester 
  • And more! 

We work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers, focusing on providing mobility assistance with fantastic after-care and customer service. Senior Stairlifts works reactively to resolve any issues, with supportive warranties to ensure everyone gets prompt, high-quality service at an affordable cost. 

So if the stairs in your home are making it difficult for you to move freely, don’t put it off any longer. Getting the right stairlift for you and your property is as easy as calling 0800 995 6019.

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An Engineer stands before a newly installed and fitted Handicare 1100 stairlift.

How much does a typical stair lift cost?

So, what is the average cost of a stair lift?

The short answer is – it depends!

Of course, it goes without saying that stairlifts are a worthwhile investment – but an investment nonetheless. That’s why we know that it’s important to get the right stairlift to suit your needs at a reasonable price.

Here at Senior Stairlifts, our dedicated team will ensure that you get the best possible stairlift for your money.

All houses and types of staircases are different, so it can be difficult to say with certainty how much a stairlift will cost. That said, to help you get an idea, stairlift prices depend on a wide range of different factors, such as:

An elderly woman happily stands by her Curved Stairlift.

Brand new or second-hand stairlifts

Not only do we sell brand-new stairlifts, but you also have the option of going for a reconditioned stairlift too.

These second-hand stairlifts are often more budget-friendly and therefore the perfect option for those who might be worried about the expense of a brand-new stairlift.

So no matter the budget you have in mind, we will be able to help you find the most suitable stairlift for you.

Whether it is brand new or reconditioned, you can be rest assured that they will only be excellent quality stairlifts from Senior Stairlifts, and conform to British safety standards.

What type of staircase you have in your home

At Senior Stairlift, we offer a wide range of stairlifts to suit all settings – whether your home possesses straight staircases or a curved staircase, and thus requires straight stairlifts or a curved stairlift. Of course, those that have a shorter average installation time will likely be a bit more budget-friendly.

However, for those more awkward spaces – perhaps you have a narrow staircase or even a spiral staircase, for example – we can also provide a bespoke option with bespoke fitting to perfectly suit your space.

Whether you purchase a stairlift outright or opt for one of our rental stairlifts

Rental stairlifts can be a lot more cost-effective if you think you will only need a stairlift for a short period of time.

In order to determine whether a rental stairlift is more cost-effective for you, it is important to weigh up the upfront fee and monthly payments against investing in a long-term solution.

Any customisation options or additional features

Adding any custom features or special features to your stairlift will likely make it more pricey. That said, if it is safety features or even additional safety features that would give you more peace of mind, then the cost will be entirely worth it.

Do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?

In order for stairlifts to operate efficiently, they must always be switched on – in other words, they need a constant and consistent supply of electricity.

This is because stairlifts include batteries which are charged through the movement of the stairlift – a similar concept to a car battery and alternator needing the vehicle to be driven to replenish its power store.

As stairlifts require a constant supply of electricity, this might lead you to worry about whether they use a lot of power. This is especially pertinent currently, as the UK is currently experiencing a cost-of-living crisis.

Thankfully, the government has introduced various price caps over the past year – though it is true that fuel energy prices have still hit record highs despite this.

With this in mind, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that stairlifts are actually incredibly energy efficient.

The average stairlift only uses around 24 Watts of energy per hour, although some straight stairlifts might only use 23 Watts per hour depending on the model.

Stairlift in modern well light light home

Additionally, even the most energy-consuming curved stairlifts only use around 35 Watts per hour. In comparison, an LCD TV uses around 210 Watts per hour (0.21 kWh). In fact, the use of a stairlift is comparable to any household appliance – it is less expensive to run than most, if not all, common appliances you use every day in your home.

Using current energy prices as a guide, the electricity required to power a stairlift can cost as little as around £10 to £15. On the other hand, depending on your average usage and the model or style of appliance you own, Which? Estimates that a tumble dryer uses £170, fridge freezers use £91 to £146, dishwashers £96, ovens £80, and washing machines £77 of electricity annually.

As you can see, stairlifts use comparatively less electricity than other things in your home – so, despite energy price hikes, you can be rest assured that they will still be affordable to run. For more information on the specific stairlifts from Senior Stairlift, simply get in touch to chat with a member of the team.

You might also be pleased to know that, from April, some people will be eligible for grants from the government to help with energy costs, particularly the same demographics that might require stairlifts. For example, pensioners can claim £300 for their household, and those with certain disabilities can get £150, according to the BBC, which can be put towards the running costs of your stairlifts.

A Straight Stairlift with ample wheelchair space.

How long do stair lifts last?

As a general rule of thumb, the average stairlift can last around 10 years depending on how often you use them. Due to our reconditioned stairlifts being a maximum of 12 months old, too, they can also last up to around 9 to 10 years depending on their age.

At Senior Stairlifts, we only sell the highest quality stairlifts – be it brand new or reconditioned. Before we sell our reconditioned stairlifts, our experienced engineers will give them a thorough service, before undertaking rigorous testing to ensure they adhere to all the necessary British safety standards.

This allows us to offer a 2-year warranty on all reconditioned stairlifts, and extended warranties of 3 years on stairlifts bought brand new, so you can rest assured if any unforeseen issues were to arise in these periods of time.

That said, just because the stairlifts themselves can last up to a decade, this does not mean that all the parts will – for example, some seats and footrests will experience more wear than others. In fact, the batteries have an average lifespan of around 2 to 5 years, again depending on your average usage.

This shows the importance of having regular stairlift servicing to prolong the life of your stairlift.

A woman uses her Handicare 1100 stairlift to reach the top of the stairs.

It is recommended that you undergo regular maintenance and stairlift servicing at least once a year – or every 6 months or so for additional peace of mind. In order to get the most out of stairlifts, you should also ensure to address any problems as promptly as possible.

If you ever are in need of a repair, our maintenance team can be with you within 24 hours of your call – all year round – and our services are available even if you didn’t purchase your stairlifts from us. Our engineers are highly skilled, and we have a comprehensive library of spare parts, which allows us to provide you with a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter the stairlift manufacturer in question.

Our top tips for maximising longevity

  • Ensure all moving parts that could have shaken loose are properly tightened
  • Clean the track of any dust, debris, or dirt regularly
  • Only purchase stairlifts that are of a high quality
  • Charge and replace batteries as necessary
  • As soon as you notice a problem, get it sorted before the issue can get worse
  • If you are ever unsure, it’s always best to have our professional maintenance team assist you
Handicare 2000 - A happy couple in a modern open home utilise a Handicare 2000 stairlift to regain mobility and freedom.

Are stair lifts worth it?

Have you found that you or your loved one is finding getting up and down the stairs that little bit more difficult? Or, you struggle to get up the stairs at all, but do not have the means to relocate to ground-floor only accommodation?

If this rings true, then a stairlift might be just the solution for you.

Stairlifts are purposefully designed to assist those with limited mobility or disabilities to regain control over their daily lives and make their homes more accessible.

Those that might benefit from a stairlift in their home include, but are not limited to:

  • People suffering from arthritis
  • Those living with debilitating conditions – such as heart problems
  • Older generations with reduced strength and flexibility
  • If you have recently had a hip replacement or an operation on your knee, which might lead to a long-term mobility restriction

At Senior Stairlifts, we will work with you to find the most suitable solution to suit your needs, wants, and budget.

If you want to retain your independence, but don’t think you can purchase a brand new stairlift, for example, our reconditioned stairlifts might be more budget-friendly.

If your limited mobility is temporary, you might consider renting a stairlift instead. And, if you find you don’t need it after less than 12 months – you can sell it back to us, which we will recondition and sell on to someone who might not otherwise have the means to make the investment.

Whatever your personal circumstances, stairlifts can significantly improve your quality of life – and you can’t put a price on that.

A happy couple smile to eachtoher whilst using their curved elegance stairlift.

Request a copy of our brochure

In our brochure, you’ll find plenty of detailed information and background on our quality range of stairlifts, including our leading Handicare products.

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Step by step guide

A close up of a woman calling on a home telephone. 1

Give us a call!

Once you’ve read through the brochure, be sure to give us a call on 0800 995 6019. This first step kicks things off and during our chat, we’ll discuss your home, what kind of stairlift would be most suited to you, your staircase, and what time is best for our friendly engineers to come round to carry out step 2 – the survey.

Masked Engineer, gives the thumbs up from the front seat of his truck 2


The second step involves an engineer of ours coming round to your house to assess your staircase. This step allows them to come up with a bespoke solution for you, and learn of any unique traits or obstructions that your staircase may have so that we can tailor your stairlift to you. Once we have found the best solution for you and your home, we can provide a quotation on-site.

An Engineer carefully measures the height of a newly-installed Handicare 1100 3

We Fit Your Stairlift

Once you’re all measured and ready to go, we can arrange installation at a time and date to suit you. Once your stairlift has been fitted, we’ll take time to clean up after we’re done, ensuring that your hallway and staircase is immaculate. Our expert engineer will also offer a full product demonstration so you know exactly how to use your new stairlift and will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

With You Every Step

Once installed, our team will continue to be there for you long after the stairlift has been fitted. Our 24/7 phone lines, and no-quibble, extendable warranty, are just two of the ways that we ensure our customers can feel comfortable in their homes and use their stairlift for years to come, without worrying about what to do if an issue occurs – all they need to do is ring us on 0800 995 6019.

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An engineer smiling after expertly servicing a Handicare 1100 model stairlift.

What Our Customers Say


Senior Stairlifts were helpful and caring. No hard sell like some other companies, they really do put the customer first.. Everything was explained and true to their word, they came to fit the stairlift right on time. The chap who fitted it worked so fast, cleaned up after himself and took his time showing me how to work it.. I can’t thank them enough. I would recommend people to try this firm first. They would not regret it.

E Carr
star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating

The most superb pair of fellas without any pressure whatsoever. Satisfied every need I ever wanted. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to anybody who ever had any stairlift needs.

G Farmer
star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating

Absolutely brilliant service. Joe came out to fit a Handicare Stairlift for us and we couldn’t have asked for a better service. Fairly priced and quick. Its taken such a weight off our minds for our grandmother to be able to return home. Thank you so much for such a brilliant service – absolutely excellent!

L McGougan
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What should I look for when buying a stairlift?

Before you make the final decision for a stairlift installation, you will need to consider certain factors that will ensure that the stairlift will be long-lasting and good value for your money. When browsing through stairlift options, you should be thinking, “Do I need this stairlift?” – if you have been struggling with going up and down the stairs due to injury or old age, then the obvious answer should be “Yes”.

If that is the case, then you need to be thinking about what type of stairlift you will need. At Senior Stairlifts, we offer two types of stairlifts that will help improve your quality of life:

  • Straight stairlifts – for houses with straight staircases
  • Curved stairlifts – for houses with staircases that are curved or with a landing in between that changes direction

Depending on the staircase in your home, this affects the type of stairlift you should install, but you should also look at the features that will come with either type of stairlift.

A man stands with his stairlift.

For example, our range of Handicare stairlift models for both straight and curved stairlifts come with the following as standard:

  • Two remotes – one for the user and one for the operator or another user
  • Swivel seat
  • Folding footrest for saving space
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • Safety sensors to prevent contact with obstructions
  • Internal battery backup in the event of a power outage
  • A weight allowance of up to 21 stone/140kg

This means that you can rest assured that Senior Stairlifts’ lineup of Handicare stairlifts already come with excellent features, no matter what model you choose. Nonetheless, specific models will come with additional features that you may want to take advantage of, so it is important to always have a read-through of the functionalities of each type of stairlift.

For instance, if you are looking for style, the Handicare Freecurve offers different options of upholstery and finishes that you can choose from to suit your preferences. Meanwhile, if you would like a slim and sleek design, the Handicare 1100 comes with the narrowest straight stairlift rail to help conserve space for narrow staircases.

If you require further assistance on which of our stairlifts might be the best option for you personally, get in touch today to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

Cherry Red Handicare 2000 Curved Stairlift

Choose Senior Stairlifts for a stairlift that suits you

If you’d like assistance in choosing the right stairlift, our team of experienced engineers will be happy to discuss the best option for you and your home.

We’ve had countless years installing our expanded range of Handicare lifts in UK homes, and we hope to welcome yours as the next. For us, there’s no job too tricky, no staircase too awkward, no question unanswerable that we can’t accommodate. If you’d like to find out more, do give us a call.

Alternatively, get a quote from us by using our free online quote tool – it takes seconds! And we’ll be able to assess your needs to come up with the best and most affordable quote for you. Whether you want a straight, curved, or rental stairlift, we have plenty of options available.

Looking for a quality stairlift solution you can rely on for years to come? Choose Senior Stairlifts today. 

An engineer smiles beside a branded 'Senior Stairlifts' van.