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When Looking for a stairlift in the Liverpool, Senior Stairlifts will help get you the ideal stair lift for you. We stock a wide range of quality products from name brands such as Handicare & AccessBDD & are able to get to you very quickly.

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So start your journey to effortless mobility today by getting in touch with the team for a no-fuss, no-obligation chat – or alternatively, book a callback for a time that suits you!

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When it comes to ensuring you or your loved one can comfortably enjoy the freedom of their home, our Liverpool stairlifts provide the perfect solution – as well as some much-needed peace of mind. 

Here at Senior Stairlifts, we’re a proudly independent stairlift company with years of experience under our belts. 

Our friendly team of engineers offers a simple and straightforward process when it comes to finding the best one for your home, installed quickly and efficiently with no hassle or fuss. 

We have a wide range of popular stairlift models from manufacturers right here in the UK, with the aim of providing quality service at a truly competitive price. 

Our dedicated team has supported clients in Liverpool, the surrounding areas of Merseyside and across the UK, providing expert insights and assistance when you need it most. 

We’re With You Every Step. 

So start your journey to effortless mobility today by getting in touch with the team for a no-fuss, no-obligation chat – or alternatively, book a callback for a time that suits you!

A wide range of quality stairlifts, right here in Liverpool

Music. Culture. Art. Sport. Fashion. Nightlife. 

Liverpool is known for its top attractions, rich history, and iconic cityscape, spanning the tenth largest English district from its spot where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. 

Home to a number of exciting neighbourhoods that have sprouted from the city’s industrial roots, such as The Baltic Triangle, Cabin Quarter, and the aptly named ‘Ropewalks’ area (so-called for the ropemaking popularised by sailors in the 19th century) – there’s plenty to wander and explore.

From busy metropolitan shopping centres, all manner of dining opportunities, and must-see attractions, all the way to the historical parks and gardens that pepper the suburbs, Liverpool truly has something for everybody. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find Liverpool off your screens – whether it’s small or cinematic – with the city’s varied architecture and sweeping skyline becoming home to some of the latest blockbusters and much-loved series.

Christopher Nolan’s The Batman, Captain America, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter – to name only a few – have all found their locations scattered across Liverpool’s sweeping streets. 

But it’s not just in fiction that the city makes its mark. Liverpool’s reputation as a popular destination for tourists and locals alike is not exactly shocking news. 

Conde Nast Traveller ranked the city as the third best in the UK back in 2021, taking into account its wealth of nightlife, restaurants, and overall friendliness. 

Of course, we know after an exciting day sampling the very best Liverpool has to offer, coming home and settling down in the familiar comfort of your home is an unmatched feeling. 

The freedom to move at home and away

But what happens when certain movements start to become more difficult – or even painful – for yourself or a loved one, especially when it causes issues with getting up and down the stairs at the property?

At Senior Stairlifts, we think that everyone should have the ability to easily navigate the homes they have worked so hard for. 

That’s why you can trust our team of local stairlift experts, based right here in Liverpool, who will be able to help you get back on the move quickly and safely – even if you have straight, narrow, or curved staircases. 

Which types of staircases can we accommodate?

Whether you need a short-term solution or are looking for a permanent addition to your home’s staircase, our experts know how important finding the right mobility solution to best suit your unique needs. 

We draw on years of expertise gleaned from domestic stairlift installations up and down the country, dealing directly with straight, curved and narrow flights of stairs.

There’s nothing we love more than getting our teeth into a problem. Having tackled installations on even the most complicated staircases, our technicians provide reliable mobility solutions at truly affordable prices – without skimping on the benefits.

After all, you deserve the finest technology available when it comes to your home. 

So if you are on the lookout for a brand-new indoor stairlift, our team ensures your solution is not only cost-effective but stylish, seamlessly blending with your home’s aesthetic. 

We are also happy to discuss customisable aspects of our entire range, from adjustable seating to rail colours, chosen with a careful eye by stairlift engineers who know how important it is for your mobility aid to blend into your home.

After all, you and your family need the very best, especially when it comes to making a considerable investment. 

That’s why our customers are only ever supplied with the very best modern stairlifts available on the market. 

We proudly partner with Handicare and other leading UK stairlift brands and manufacturers, so you have superb service and trusted engineering right at your fingertips.

How do we match you with your perfect stairlift?

When you get in touch to discuss your needs or for a no-obligation quote, if you decide to start your mobility journey with us, one of our friendly engineers in Liverpool will book a survey of your property at a time that is most convenient. 

From here, we’ll find out your exact needs and what your plans are for your top-class stairlift, helping you make a decision on any additional features such as hinged rails or powered seat options. 

This can prove especially helpful for people with limited movement already or for those who are concerned about limited space on narrow stairs. 

We have an unparalleled range of stairlifts available to suit every home and specification, with plenty of experience and passion when it comes to tailoring the best possible mobility solution for your particular needs. 

With 3D imaging software, our team can install curved stairlifts to even the most narrow spiral staircases with no fuss. These fantastic insights give you a glimpse of how your new investment will smoothly fit into the flow of your home before we even fit it. 

This also lets you add additional features as you desire, such as powered perch seating for that little extra help, safe in the knowledge that the finished product is suited for your every need.

All of our hand-built stairlifts undergo rigorous quality and safety tests and comply with all European safety standards, as do all of our mobility solutions – for guaranteed peace of mind. 

If you’d like to book a survey with one of our technicians within the Liverpool area, it’s easy to get in touch.

Simply pop your details in our handy form or arrange a call-back at a time that suits you. 

Do you have a rough guide to stairlift costs?

We know that buying a brand-new stairlift is an investment. That’s why we provide an unmatched range of top-tier brands and stairlift makes for our client base, offering a fantastic selection to suit any budget. 

Our affordable prices are well-suited for a range of budgets, so whether you’re looking for a permanent or short-term solution, Senior Stairlifts ensures you get excellent service and top-quality equipment without compromise. 

As such, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. That means we take the time to get to know you and your needs before creating a bespoke solution for you and the specific type of staircase that needs addressing.

To make sure our customers get the most accurate quote, the best thing to do is get in touch with our team directly. 

But don’t worry. On the other end of the phone or screen, you won’t find salespeople looking to hassle you into making a quick-think purchase.

Our customers talk directly to our engineers (who are a friendly bunch, if we don’t say so ourselves!) – who are here to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. 

We understand that deciding whether you or a loved one could benefit from a stairlift can be an emotional and financial investment, which is why we don’t add further stress or pressure. 

It’s just how things should be. To give you a rough idea of pricing, you can give us a call or easily request a callback at a time that’s most convenient. 

Or if you’ve already got a rough idea as to what sort of solution you’re looking for, why not use our simple ‘Get A Quote‘ form? 

We’ll get you the numbers you need in just a few clicks. 

Straight Stairlift in a well-lit home.

How much weight can a stair lift hold?

The average stairlift has a weight limit of roughly 22 stone, although many have further capacity to ensure they can accommodate every user.  

At Senior Stairlifts, we partner with leading names such as Handicare, whose top-class models feature additional weight limits of 25 and 31 stone in their XL and XXL options. 

The Handicare 1000 and Handicare 1100 are certified by the international stairlift safety standard EN 81-40 – so you know that they can be reliably used on a daily basis for many years to come.


Do you need planning permission for a stairlift?

This is an excellent question – and it’s one our engineers get asked surprisingly often! 

If you’d like to install a stairlift, you won’t need to request planning permission. This is because the lift itself shouldn’t affect the overall structural integrity of your home and staircase, thanks to the expert work of our engineers. 

However, if you’re applying for a different kind of mobility solution – such as a platform lift – you may have to ask for permission before enlisting the help of an engineer. 

This is mainly down to the difference in processes and overall installation, where you might need to cut a hole into the floor of your property to make enough room for the lift itself. 

This, understandably, can impact the integrity of the building! 

With Senior Stairlifts, you can rest assured that all of our engineers work in line (and are frequently kept up-to-date) with the latest regulations from British Standards Institution (BSI) – so you and your family are always in safe hands.

Does a stairlift use a lot of electricity?

With the current cost of living crisis, considering how much electricity your home is using is something at the forefront of many people’s minds – ours included!

So if you’re thinking of installing a stairlift to help you navigate your staircase more easily, but are concerned about the potential cost, allow us to put your mind at ease. Although a comprehensive stairlift solution could appear to be a huge drain on your overall electrical output, you’d actually be surprised at how little it costs to run it day-to-day.

Whether you plan to install a permanent solution or need a stairlift rental to tide you over for a shorter period, thanks to impressive technological developments in quality stairlifts. This combines the strides made in efficiency standards and the technology behind power-saving devices, making modern stairlifts a great tool to have at your disposal – without making a dent in your budget.

Long gone are the days of clunky chargers or power sources that need to be hooked up to the wall. As our stairlifts use rechargeable batteries, they will not be adversely affected by the 14 trips up and down the staircase on average per day.

It is easy to compare modern stairlifts with everyday appliances like kettles, microwaves, and televisions. However, considering the amount of time you spend using a stairlift versus these appliances, the cost to run a stairlift could even be cheaper – giving you plenty of food for thought.

You see, stairlifts are designed to be left on standby so the batteries are in a constant charge cycle. This is so you never have to worry about coming to a halt halfway up or down the stairs, even in the event of a power cut.

However, if you shut the stairlift off for any length of time, the batteries are likely to lose charge – so when you turn the stairlift back on, it won’t work as well. In this case, you would have to wait for the batteries to fully recharge before using the stair lift again, making it much more useful if you keep it on for maximum useability.

The design of stairlifts makes them among the most energy-efficient appliances on the market. In terms of electricity, a stairlift should cost less than £10 per year (that’s cheaper than a traditional washing machine!) which could set you back £50 per year.

Stairlifts can consume as little as 0.024kWh compared to 0.7kWh (700 Watts) for a washing machine. In comparison, many household appliances use far more power than 24 Watts per hour.

The low running costs of stairlifts certainly provide ample advantages, which may surprise some people.

Why Choose Senior Stairlifts?

Getting customers up and moving as easy as possible is our passion here at Senior Stairlifts.

We provide exceptional customer service, which means you’ll always get straightforward advice, and accurate quotes without any sales hype, and will never be bombarded with sales pitches. 

In fact, we’ve zero salespeople on our books, just straight-talking engineers with bags of experience, promising to do a good job at the best price possible.

So whether you’re looking for something brand-new, a rental solution, or even a reconditioned unit, you’re always in safe hands. 

For peace of mind, we never recondition stairlift models older than 12 months, with access to hundreds of parts – each handled by our fleet of engineers armed with an in-depth understanding of multiple stairlift brands.

All relevant parts are checked, seats are replaced, and they are deep cleaned to provide a cost-effective option that is as good as new. As a result, we can fit reworked units from a variety of leading makes and models at a fraction of the price.

Worried about an issue?

By using a reactive approach, we can dispatch an engineer within 24 hours if you flag up a problem – with the aim of resolving it on the same day. 

In Liverpool and beyond, we’ve helped hundreds of stairlift owners get back up and moving again with our simple yet effective processes, quality products, and stellar customer service.

We’re With You Every Step.

So no matter what kind of stairlift you need – whether you need repairs to your existing equipment or you want to learn more about our brand-new and rental stairlifts – we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, we offer unbeatable warranties on our tried, tested – and most importantly, trusted – services including a three-year extended warranty on all new stairlifts and a two-year warranty on reconditioned stairlifts.

To start your mobility journey with us, pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 0800 995 6019 or get in touch using our easy-to-use contact form today.