Straight Stairlifts

Enjoy the ease of movement throughout your home with our straight stairlifts, providing effortless transportation. With the help of our reliable stairlifts, you can maintain your independence regardless of your mobility.

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Our Straight Stairlift Features

Folding footrest to save space, powered option available on some models

Comfortable, adjustable seat belt to ensure a safe and comfortable ride

Swivel seat for convenience, powered options are available on some models

Safety sensors to stop the stairlift should it come into contact with obstructions

Internal backup battery enough for several uses in the event of a power cut

Two remote controls, one for the user and another for a person operating the stairlift

Why Choose Senior Stairlifts?

Helping people to navigate the stairs in their homes safely is a point of pride for us here at Senior Stairlifts. We’ve helped hundreds of customers across the length and breadth of the UK explore a range of quality stairlift options to suit every home, need and budget – resulting in happy stair lift owners who are back on the move.

Our friendly team of engineers has years of experience measuring, fitting and fixing stair lifts, meaning that, with us, you’ll have a fount of knowledge available at your fingertips. We’re a bunch of perfectionists, so you’ll always be left with a reliable stairlift solution on even the most tricky of staircases. 

  • Our engineers are always prepared with specialist technology and parts required to ensure the installation is smooth.
  • Our team is always available thanks to our 24/7 phone line – and we will endeavour to get out to you within a day of receiving your call. Should you have any further queries or worries, we are always on hand to help.
  • Guaranteed extendable warranty, we aim to make you feel safe and comfortable using your stairlift, whether its installation is intended as a short-term solution or is set to be a long-lasting addition to help you at home. 
  • No pushy salesmen here, only our friendly team of engineers, which is why all of our quotes are no-obligation and fuss-free. Here at Senior Stairlifts, we mean it when we say ‘we are with you every step of the way’, from when you first call us for a quote to when we leave you with your brand-new straight stairlift.

But don’t just take our word for it – you can read some of our customer testimonials on Google, Yell or our Facebook page. Or if you’re keen to start your mobility journey with us, simply pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 0800 1588485.

A happy man smiles whilst using their curved elegance stairlift.

A New Approach to Straight Stairlifts

A staircase is a core feature in every multi-floored home, opening up the space and allowing free-flowing access to every level. So, should you struggle to navigate your stairs, we can fit a tailored stairlift that lets you move up and down with ease while maintaining the look and feel of your natural staircase.

Here at Senior Stairlifts, we are dedicated to helping families get back to moving about their homes quickly and comfortably – whether that’s with the addition of a brand-new stairlift or if you’re searching for a short-term mobility solution. With our wide range of stairlifts and a team of experts, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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An elderly woman smiles whilst using a Handicare 1100 straight stairlift.

Skill at Every Step of the Way

Our skilled stairlift engineers have years of experience, having fitted our mobility equipment to the most unique and complex of staircases – including the narrowest passage and landing-type staircases. We’ve been fitting high-quality stairlifts to homes in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, York, and across Britain, which is why we supply and install the Handicare 1000 and Handicare 1100 models for our customer’s straight staircases.

We know that when the stairs start to become a problem, your first priority is getting back to enjoying the full extent of your home and getting back to your regular lifestyle as soon as possible.

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Stair Lifts to Suit Your Needs

We pride ourselves on giving you the best-quality stairlifts available on the market, but at an excellent value so that everyone can enjoy the highest level of mobility in their own homes, whether you are looking for a brand-new straight stairlift from Handicare or a reconditioned stairlift from one of the top brands we have in our extensive range, such as Acorn, Brooks, Platinum, Stannah, ThyssenKrupp, and Bespoke.

While on the topic of budgets – regardless of the model of stairlift you choose for your home – all of our prices at Senior Stairlifts are flat-rate, so you’ll never be met with a sudden surprise in your bill. Our team of engineers will never charge more than what we first quoted unless the client chooses to make any further alterations or additions. 

Our Handicare Stairlift Range

We are dedicated to stocking top-quality mobility technology, which is why our customers have access to leading models of stairlifts from UK manufacturers Handicare – namely, the Handicare 1000 and Handicare 1100 – to suit every straight staircase. 

These strong, sleek, and sturdy stairlifts are incredibly customisable with a wide range of seating and upholstery styles, boasting one of the slimmest stairlift rails on the market. 

Both models are built to improve your quality of life, enjoying a range of features, including simple, ergonomic controls, a choice of seats, and industry-leading safety features to ensure you are always in secure hands. Each one is certified by the international stairlift safety standard EN 81-40, so you can use it reliably and safely for many years to come.


The Handicare 1000

For those concerned about installing a stairlift cutting into precious free space on an alright tight staircase, the Handicare 1000 is the perfect addition to your home. Its lightweight, slimline aluminium track has a hidden rack with two park points at the top and bottom of the stairs.

  • Convenient charging solutions mean you’ll never be left with a flat battery.
  • Smart Seat is standard, providing a sturdy and resilient place to sit while going up and down stairs. 
  • Choice of six easy-to-clean upholstery colours specifically designed to suit the interior of your home; this will fit seamlessly into the flow of your staircase. 
  • Optional powered hinge; your doorway or landing will be free of obstructions.
  • Additional Perch seat – should you need extra help, this additional feature helps the user sit comfortably if they have mobility issues in their knees or hips.

For further space conservation, Handicare 1000 also comes with a manual fold-away footrest, arms, and seat, allowing other users to navigate the staircase.

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The Handicare 1100

Another option for people seeking an effective mobility aid for their straight staircase is the Handicare 1100, which boasts the slimmest and strongest rail available on the market. With its compact and sleek design, custom seat potential, and upholstery options, 1100 fits into any home seamlessly – even on narrow stairs.

  • Ultra-slim rail, which can be installed close to the wall by our excellent engineers.
  • Manual-folding seats, footrests, and armrests, this model is the most sought-after solution for people looking to maintain the flow of their home while navigating difficult stairs quickly and easily. 
  • Seat can also swivel at the top of your staircase to help you get on and off safely.
  • Features safety sensors as standard, which will stop the stairlift when it comes in contact with an obstruction.

Thanks to its patented design, the Handicare 1100 does not need a toothed rack to run smoothly. Unlike other stairlifts, it doesn’t leave oil or greasy residue on the rail, making it simple to clean and safe to touch.

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Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift - Zero Intrusion - Top of the Stairs

Straight Stairlift FAQs

How do I know if I need a straight stairlift?

Straight stairlifts are suitable for staircases where there isn’t a bend or landing present. Typically, most houses in the UK have a straight staircase. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure – one of our friendly stairlift experts will be able to assess your needs properly when we carry out a survey.

You can choose from our models by evaluating your needs – do you need an indoor or outdoor stairlift? What is your budget? What are your mobility requirements, and how often will you need to use the stair lift? How many people use the stairlift?

Both have different purposes; a manual swivel seat requires you to manually rotate the seat at the top or bottom of the stairs to exit the stairlift safely. Not an ideal option for those with limited upper body strength, but generally a more cost-effective option. 

A powered swivel seat is an automatic seat that allows you to effortlessly rotate the seat with the push of a button, eliminating the need for manual effort. Perfect for those with limited mobility that need that extra help.

If your staircase is too narrow to fit a conventional stairlift, don’t worry – we’ve got options for you:

  • Compact stairlifts – Compact or slimline models are designed to take up as little space as you need them to. Some stairlifts are compact by design; others can be made to be compact. 
  • Perch seats – An additional option with our Handicare 1000, a perch seat is a standing stairlift option. Not only is it a space-saving option, but also suited for those who have difficulty bending their knees. 
  • Alternating Tread Stairlifts – or space-saving stairlifts, specially made for extremely narrow spaces. Instead of a traditional seat, it features alternating treads that provide a stable walking surface with built-in handrails, allowing the user to navigate the stairs in a controlled manner.

Absolutely! All of our models come with a fantastic range of colours, textures and shapes of upholstery – from fiery red to muted browns, traditional leather or modern fabrics. You choose – download our brochure today to browse through the different options.

Brand new stairlifts can cost, on average, between £1,600 and £2,800 – stair lift prices vary depending on customisation, such as added features like outdoor functions. Reconditioned stairlifts are a good way to save money on your mobility aid – you can even opt for a rental stairlift if you need it short term only. 

The NHS doesn’t directly aid you in buying a stair lift – however, they can refer you to a local council or organisation that can help you to buy a stairlift. 

Unfortunately, no – there is a type of stairlift for every home, but it isn’t one size fits all. Straight stair lifts are great options for straight staircases and narrow spaces. Following your home survey, your engineer will advise you on the best options for you – maybe a straight stairlift isn’t for you, but we have a fantastic range of stair lift solutions to choose from. 

Should you need further customisation or worry about your modern stair lift encroaching into the flow of your straight stairs, our engineers will be more than happy to discuss further space-saving features, such as easy hinges or adding a slide rack.

You can get your stairlift fitted in as little as 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the stairlift installation. Complex installation cases can take 6 hours – your engineer will always tell you an approximate time based on their knowledge and experience. 

Running a stairlift is actually incredibly low cost compared to other household appliances. On average, it takes 0.024 and 0.33 kWh of electricity per hour to run a stairlift, which is around £0.01 per hour.

We specialise across the UK and throughout the Midlands, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, and beyond, with teams stationed in the following locations:

If you have a question we haven’t answered in our FAQs, please feel free to get in touch and ask us – a friendly team member will be more than happy to help.

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Searching for the perfect straight stairlift can be daunting, with so many options to choose from, but that’s why we are here.

Our years of experience in the field, paired with the expertise of our engineers, mean we can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your mobility needs. Call one of our expert engineers on our 24/7 helpline – let us guide you through the process of getting the right stairlift. 

There is no pressure either; having no salespeople in our team means no push to buy unnecessary features or upsell – just what you need. 

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In our brochure, you’ll find plenty of detailed information and background on our quality range of stairlifts, including our leading Handicare products.

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With so much choice, choosing a stairlift can be overwhelming or you may be unsure whether you need a straight stairlift or a curved one. Our free stairlift survey takes the pressure off and makes choosing your ideal stairlift easy.

What Our Customers Say


The quality of this company is incredible. I enquired about a stairlift for my grandma and the lift was fitted the next day! I couldn’t believe the timely manner and quality of product. The engineer was polite, easy to speak to and made my grandma feel very safe and secure. She is now safe and that alone is enough reason to recommend this company. Couldn’t recommend enough. Great value for money, great service. All around great.

C Alexander
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Excellent service from start to finish. They definitely went the extra mile to ensure we had the best stairlift to meet my husband’s needs. They waited to meet up with the Occupational Therapists who were assessing the suitability and safety of the lift. I cannot praise them enough. Thank you.

T Matthews
star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating

Great communication from Joe at Senior Stairlifts, lovely friendly engineer who was Covid secure throughout his visit. Great service, advice and brilliant job carried out for my mother-in-law who was highly impressed. Would highly recommend. Thank you

A Stevenson
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