Standing Stair lifts: The Comprehensive Guide

Standing Stair lifts, also known as perch lifts are an alternative and innovative solution for individuals with mobility difficulties. These lifts are ideal for someone who finds it difficult to navigate the stairs & also has difficulties sitting down.

Handicare 1000 Perch Stairlift

Standing Stair lifts: The Comprehensive Guide

We recommend the Handicare 1000 with a Perch seat. With its compact design & consistent performance it would make for an excellent addition to your home. If you would like to arrange one for installation, you can contact us to arrange a survey & get a fair quote.

What are Standing Stair lifts?

Standing stair lifts are a motorized machine with a rail running up the stairs, a platform to either perch or stand on and a hand-guard for the user of the standing stair lift to hold on to.

Unlike with traditional seated stair lifts, the stair lift is designed for the user to stand or perch on the device whilst it is in use. This is an ideal solution for anyone with a condition such as Sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sciatica, where the ability to sit down is compromised.

4 Benefits of Standing Stair Lifts

  1. Space Efficiency: Standing Stair lifts have a compact design, which poses as a significant advantage for those with narrow staircases.
  2. Ease of Use: All modern stair lifts are designed with ease of use at the forefront, this is the case for standing stair lifts.
  3. Flexibility: Standing stair lifts can be installed on a variety of different staircases, so whether your staircase is wide, narrow, straight or curved you can have one installed.
  4. Independence & Safety: Having a straight staircase in the home will improve the ability to move around the house for those with mobility issues, whilst minimizing the risk of injury or falls with staircase usage.

Considerations for a Standing Stairlift

Who SHOULDN’T use a standing stairlift

For anyone with conditions similar to Labyrinthitis, which cause dizziness, loss of balance or vertigo should not use a standing stair lift, as having your ability to balance be hindered will make it unsafe to use.

You should consult your GP or healthcare professional about the getting a stairlift installed, but If the individual with difficulty navigating the stairs cannot support themselves on their feet and require the use of a wheelchair to move, a traditional stair lift, a chair lift or an elevator lift would be a better choice.

Professional Installation

If you are in need of a standing stair lift, you should contact a professional installation company to requisition & fit your stairlift. depending on which company you go with you will also get warranty on your standing stairlift in the case that something goes wrong mechanically.

Maintenance & Stair lift Care

To make sure that your standing stair lift runs for as long as possible, it is important that you schedule regular maintenance with your stair lift installer & provider. Having a regular check up will make sure that anything that could become a problem, such as obstructions on the rail or developing mechanical faults are spotted & corrected before they develop into a serious problem.

Deciding on the right Stair lift.

making the choice to install a stair lift is a big one, with the average cost of a stairlift in 2024 the decision is a large financial step for the vast majority of people in the UK. If you do have financial concerns, Senior Stairlift is here to help.

We have a vast array of information about the Disabled Facilities Grant and how you may be eligible for government help. It is important to think about your budget and whether or not a second hand or reconditioned stairlifts would be the right choice for you.

Standing Stair lifts: The Comprehensive Guide


Standing stair lifts are an innovative leap for mobility solutions, offering a safe energy efficient mode of transportation up and down the stairs that is also space efficient. With consideration to the users needs and situation, a standing stair lift can be a welcome addition to a home that needs one.

With the development of technology, the capabilities for standing stair lifts with develop as well. With the improvement of battery technology, the efficiency of standing stair lifts will improve with that. As well as the optimization of safety & assistive features, the future for standing stair lifts looks bright & promising.