Curved Stairlifts

Our curved stairlifts make even tightly wound stairs accessible, giving you the freedom to live life to the fullest in the home you love.

Thanks to the convenience of our quality, compact stairlifts, maintain independence with confidence.

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2000 Simplicity Side Stairs - Straight rail.

A New Path to Accessibility: Curved Stairlifts

Sleek, stylish design and cutting-edge technology.

Purpose-built and measured specifically for your home.

Safety sensors to stop the stairlift should it come into contact with obstructions.

Super-reliable internal power system complete with a backup battery.

Manufactured in the UK and fitted by our dedicated team.

Curved stairlifts: enabling independence, inspiring confidence

We have bespoke curved stair lift for every type of staircase that will allow you to move freely about your home – without taking away your home’s all-important character.

Whether you or your family are simply looking to make getting up the stairs an easy process from now on – or are in need of a short-term mobility solution – or have made the choice that a mobility product is right for them, Senior Stairlifts will help you every step of the way.

At Senior Stairlifts, our experienced engineers love an opportunity to think up a solution for every set of stairs – even on intermediate landings and the most narrow staircases.

Every single one of our stairlifts is manufactured in the UK and has been fitted by our dedicated team, giving us plenty of experience in creating custom solutions for even the toughest staircase challenges.

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Woman sits comfortably on her Curved Stairlift.

Why Choose Senior Stairlifts?

At Senior Stairlifts, we go above and beyond for customer care.

From your first initial flat-price quote, through to our quick and mess-free installations, we pride ourselves on reliable, simple service you can trust.

Our excellent service and value for money is shown through our fantastic customer reviews, as seen throughout Leeds, York, Harrogate, Bradford, and across the UK.

No matter your problem or issue, we can help you with around-the-clock stairlift servicing and repairs – even for people who have never been with us before.

A Stairlift, curved at the bottom, in a modern, well-lit home.

All of our curved stairlifts come with:

  • Extended 3-year warranty on all new curved stairlifts and a 2-year warranty on reconditioned models for curved stairs.
  • Digital mapping and 3D modelling of how your new Handicare 2000 Curved or Handicare Freecurve will look in your stairs.
  • Professional stairlift installation by one of our experienced engineers.
  • 24/7 support line and optional servicing packages make sure any issues or emergency stairlift repairs are made in plenty of time.
Handicare 2000 stairlift in a modern, open plan home.

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With so much choice, choosing a stairlift can be overwhelming – not knowing whether you need a straight or curved one. Our free stairlift survey takes the pressure off and makes choosing your ideal stair lift easy.

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In our brochure, you’ll find plenty of detailed information and background on our quality range of stairlifts, including our leading Handicare products.

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Your Questions About Curved Stairlifts Answered

Which model of curved stairlift is right for me?

Because of the unique nature of these kinds of staircases, you might be worried that a stairlift might not fit or you have a particularly difficult staircase, but our dedicated team of engineers have had plenty of experience fitting even the tightest curved staircases.

Our team can fully assess your needs and advise on the best model during your survey.

Our range of curved stairlifts is best suited for staircases with a bend or, as the name suggests, a curve.

Many of our customers worry that the limited space on these kinds of stairs might not accommodate a lift, but our engineers can come to your home and expertly measure your stairs – using bespoke 3D modelling techniques – so you get the perfect fit.

We love to help our customers find the perfect mobility solution for their needs – so it makes sense that they look the part, too. All of our stairlift models have customisable potential, from different coloured seating options to upholstery choices and rail colours on selected models. Our team will be more than happy to discuss these options with you during the process.

Depending on your needs, a swivel seat can give you a little extra assistance when sitting or leaving the lift at the top of your stairs. Many of our models have this as an additional powered option should you need it, so make sure you chat to our team so we can help you find the best features for use on your purpose-built stairlift.

Curved stairlift prices vary case by case, curved stair lift can range between £2,800 to £3,500 depending on complexity:

  • Length of staircase
  • Extremely narrow stairs
  • Additional features
  • Custom upholstery

All our stairlift quotes are flat-rate, and our engineers will never charge more than what you were first quoted unless the client has requested any further alterations or updates.

We pride ourselves on honest, reliable customer service that ensures you pay the price you expect – no sudden surprises here.

A standard curved stairlift may take up more space compared to straight stairlifts, but with Handicare’s innovative design, you can experience compact stairlifts in all their glory. The seat is foldable, creating more space for non-users to use the staircase freely.

Every staircase is different; our engineers will survey what can and can’t fit and will give you an educated suggestion based on their findings. In our years of experience, we have found that a stairlift can be fitted even in the narrowest of places.

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission as it’s considered a minor alteration. However, if the installation could potentially impact the structural integrity of the building or cause significant changes to the interior design, then you would need to consider getting planning permission.

No, not just anyone can install a stairlift safely. You should always get a professional engineer with experience fitting curved stairlifts to install yours. For health and safety reasons, a qualified stairlift engineer is not just necessary but a legal requirement.

It takes around half a day, so usually between 4 to 5 hours – but this is subjective to whether you require a stair lift for difficult stairs, such as very narrow stairs. Your engineer will often tell you an estimated time for your stair lift installation, but this can change if the engineer runs into any setbacks.

With proper care and maintenance, stair lifts can last up to 10 years, sometimes even 20 years! Sometimes you may only need one for a short period, and in those cases, our clients often hand it back to us so our talented engineers can turn it into a reconditioned stairlift.

Where do Senior Stairlifts operate?

We specialise in operations throughout the Midlands, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and beyond, with teams stationed in the following locations:

If you have a question we haven’t answered in our FAQs, please feel free to get in touch and ask us – a friendly team member will be more than happy to help.

A happy couple smile to eachtoher whilst using their curved elegance stairlift.

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Looking for a curved stairlift for your mobility needs can feel overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to discern what would be best for you and your home, which is why Senior Stairlifts are here to help.

With our 24/7 phone line, you’re guaranteed to talk directly to one of our experienced engineers, who can answer any questions and advise on your next steps. We don’t believe in overselling or giving you guff – just simple, honest pricing from our experts themselves.

What Our Customers Say


Very pleased with the service given. Would definitely recommend. Quick, easy and very friendly.

L Casey
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Lovely company, came to our rescue when no-one else would. Very professional, very friendly. Would very highly recommend them.

D Campbell
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Took my old stairlift out without making any mess put a sheet over my floor in case of any scratches & had my new one in within the hour he tested it then asked me to test it. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

J Noller
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