Wheelchair Lifts: The Comprehensive Guide

Wheelchair lifts, also known as vertical lifts or a wheelchair platform lift are an essential tool for many people who have mobility impairments within the UK. A wheelchair lifts primary function is to assist the user with accessing the next floor of their home with the use of a platform that a wheelchair is able to rest on.

Wheelchair lifts remove the barrier that regular stairs can present & Improves the independence of a wheelchair user with navigating their home.

Types of Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined Platform Lift

Inclined Platform Lifts such as the AccessBDD Supra are an excellent choice of stairlift for those who regularly use a wheelchair. They remove the need to transition to a different seat, allowing for the user to access all parts of their house comfortably. Inclined Platform Lifts are designed to be attached to an already existing staircase or rail so that no major modification to your house would be needed.

Wheelchair Lifts: The Comprehensive Guide

If you would like some information about Inclined Platform lifts, you can contact Senior Stairlifts and an expert will be able to assist you.

Elevator Lift/Vertical Platform Lift

Elevator Lifts, also known as vertical platform lifts are a wheelchair lift solution that move straight up and down similarly to an elevator that you would see out in public. Whilst being a more bespoke option that would require extensive modification to your home they can increase the value of your home.

Wheelchair Lifts: The Comprehensive Guide

If you would like more information about this, Senior Stairlifts discusses the impact a stairlift can have in your homes value in a further article.

Portable Wheelchair lift

Portable wheelchair lifts are a temporary solution that can be moved and adjusted as needed. Whilst not being ideal for stairs they are useful in certain situations such as the need to access a vertically elevated space.

Benefits on installing a Wheelchair Lift

Greatly Improved Mobility & Independence

The primary reason for getting a stairlift installed is to solve a mobility related issue. Wheelchair lifts are a key solution to the problem of a user with mobility issues & who regularly uses a wheelchair not being able to access a part of their home.

With a wheelchair lift installed correctly by a experienced professional stairlift installation company, This problem is solved and Independence is restored. At Senior Stairlifts, It is our mission to provide mobility solutions to not only the elderly but to everyone who is facing problems navigating their own home.


Safety is our priority, and with modern wheelchair lift models there are a number of key safety features that are built in. The key safety features include emergency stop buttons, anti slip flooring and barriers to prevent the user falling out of the lift.

Customisation & Versatility

Modern Wheelchair lifts are designed to be able to be installed and used in a wide variety of use cases. Whether you require a wheelchair lift for outdoor use or you need it to bend around a uniquely shaped curved staircase, there will be a solution fit for you.

Installation Considerations

It is important as the person looking to get a wheelchair lift installed to have a think about these considerations when looking at different wheelchair lift providers. The key ones are:

  1. Space Requirements: Inclined Wheelchair lifts, especially in comparison to a more regular stairlift, require a decent amount of space to allow for the lift to function properly. Is there enough space for one to be installed or would a vertical lift be required?
  2. Structural Considerations: Your home may need structural support to be able to handle a wheelchair lift, especially for a home lift such as the AccessBDD Altura Gold. Will this be something that is plausible to consider?
  3. Planning Permission: for a home lift that requires extensive alterations to your home, will you need planning permission to make those changes to your house?
  4. Budget: Do you have a good healthy budget to get a wheelchair lift? or will you need assistance from a Government grant such as the Disabled Facilities Grant?
  5. Maintenance & Warranty: Does the company that you are getting a stairlift from have an extended warranty plan? can you schedule regular maintenance checks with them to ensure that your stairlift doesn’t break or go down?


There are a wide range of different solutions when it comes to wheelchair users accessing all areas of the house. Wheelchair lifts are an excellent solution for anyone with mobility troubles who primarily uses a wheelchair, improving independence and enabling them to access all areas of the home. As the UK moves to more inclusive and accessible designs for homes, the inclusion of Wheelchair lifts within homes will become more commonplace & their importance cannot be overstated.

With the features and different models taken into account, homeowners can make a more informed and accurate decision on which solution to their mobility problem will be the best for them.