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When Looking for a stairlift in the Leeds area, Senior Stairlifts will help get you the right stair lift for you at a fair & competitive price. We stock a wide range of quality products from name brands such as Handicare & AccessBDD.

We’re With You Every Step.

So start your journey to effortless mobility today by getting in touch with the team for a no-fuss, no-obligation chat – or alternatively, book a callback for a time that suits you!

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How A Stairlift Can Help You

We know that not being able to navigate the stairs in your home can be frustrating, especially when it starts to impact your family’s quality of life. As we grow older, day-to-day tasks and regular movement can become understandably more difficult, with reduced mobility affecting an estimated 19 million people reporting problems from middle age. Other conditions and illnesses such as arthritis can also make climbing the stairs a painful, tiring task that often puts pressure on aching muscles and bones.

Thousands of people maintain their independence at home through the use of a mobility aid, with a stairlift guaranteeing valuable peace of mind for those feeling worried about their stairs. Here at Senior Stairlifts, we’ve helped transform the lives of hundreds of happy stair lift owners with the perfect solution to their home, having installed and tailored high high-quality mobility products to a wide range of staircases.

A stairlift can help you quickly and safely get up even the most tightly curved and complex stairs, and can even be fitted across a landing-type staircase. If you or a family member is struggling to move without discomfort, a mobility aid might be the perfect choice for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a stair lift last?

When properly looked after, your stairlift should last roughly ten years – dependably providing thousands of trips up and down the stairs!

Of course, a number of factors can impact your device over the years, such as frequent use or if the stairlift is not designed to handle a certain amount of weight.

That’s why we offer plus size options on our leading Handicare range, such as the XL, which has a weight capacity of 25st. This can help negate the pressure on the seat and motor.

Even the incline of your stairs can cause problems over time, as a sharper incline can impact how hard the chair’s motor has to work in order to carry the user smoothly up the stairs.

Over time, this strain on the system can cause issues – which is why we offer bespoke fits and installations to ensure your solution can handle your home’s existing layout.

However, you should get in the habit of caring for your stairlift through semi-regular maintenance check-ups and servicing to make sure everything is running smoothly.

This will help you get the most out of your mobility solution while keeping on top of any potential problems, so you can identify them and get it sorted quickly.

You can do this easily by yourself, checking for: 

  • Damage, dirt or trust stuck in the mechanisms
  • Loose screws in moving parts – only do this when the machine is off!
  • Ensuring your batteries are charging when on the stand
  • Any issues with the speed or lagging of the stairlift

If you think you’ve got an issue with your stairlift, it couldn’t be easier to give one of our team members a call. We’ll be able to get someone out to you quickly to give it a proper inspection, checking that everything is in working order to get everything back up and running – with you back on the move.

Still confused? We can help.

Give our friendly team a call if you have any concerns.

For guaranteed peace of mind, all of our reconditioned units are exhaustively tested before they make their way to you, with all the appropriate parts checked, seats replaced, and deep-cleaned to ensure your stairlift meets our high safety and hygiene standards.

At Senior Stairlifts, our reconditioned stairlifts are an incredibly popular choice, as our engineers aim to supply econ lifts that are 12 months old or less – offering a cost-effective option that’s as good as new.

Thanks to our extensive range of parts and in-depth knowledge of multiple brand models, we are able to fit reworked units from a range of leading names in mobility technology, leaving our customers spoilt for choice.

Our team has been reconditioning stairlifts for years now, so we certainly know our stuff – not to blow our own trumpets – and love nothing more than helping families make the best choice for their homes, needs and budgets.

Whether you have a straight staircase or a curved staircase, we carry an unmatched selection of stairlifts that have been reconditioned. Our stock includes products from the following leading UK manufacturers:

  • Acorn
  • Brooks
  • Handicare
  • Platinum
  • Stannah
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Bespoke

You can explore our wide range of reconditioned stairlifts here – or for more information, give a member of our team a call.

The best way to get an accurate idea of how much the average stairlift might cost is to give the team a call or get a quote directly from us on our website.

It goes without saying that buying a brand new stairlift is an investment. As a result, we’re able to provide our clients with an unrivalled selection of top-quality brands and stairlifts, which can cater to any budget.

But there’s no need to worry about getting caught in the sales-spiel.

Our dedication to customer service means you will always receive unbiased advice, accurate no-obligation quotes, and absolutely no up-selling from us.

Essentially, the team is made up of passionate stair lift experts with plenty of on-the-job knowledge under their belts. And that’s it.

As a proud independent stairlift company, we want to make sure that all of the options available to you and your family give you peace of mind and value for money.

Because of this, we also sell rental stairlifts.

Rental Stairlift Solutions

The cost of stairlift technology can be a big decision, but your mobility shouldn’t be compromised due to your budget.

Unlike traditional stairlifts, ours are rented out on a temporary basis, making them an affordable mobility option for those who can’t afford additional costs for a temporary solution.


Well, no matter how narrow, straight, or tightly curved the staircase is, we can provide you with a reliable, affordable solution – and we love taking on new challenges.

In as little as 24 hours from the time you first contact us, we can get you on the move regardless of your budget.

If you or your family are in need of a temporary stair lift but are concerned about looming costs, our stairlift rental services can certainly help.

Leather seat stairlift

When it comes to ensuring you or your loved one can comfortably navigate the staircase in their home, our Leeds stairlifts are a safe and secure solution that combines quality technology with excellent customer service.

That’s the Senior Stairlifts way, stemming from years of experience and a proudly independent history that’s had us matching the perfect stairlift to hundreds of happy clients up and down the country.

With a focus on a simple, straightforward process that is tailored to meet your needs.

There’s no fuss, hassle or upselling from pushy salespeople here – all you’ll find is a friendly team of engineers specialising in quick and efficient stairlift installation, design and servicing.

That’s because we know the value of freedom, especially when it comes to moving about your home as easily as you would anywhere else.

This is why our team of friendly and experienced local engineers, operating in Leeds and across West Yorkshire, will be able to help you navigate your stairs again – whether they are straight or curved, narrow or even tightly wound spiral staircases.

With a wide range of stairlift models from manufacturers right here in the UK, our aim is to provide quality service at a truly competitive price.

We’re With You Every Step.

So start your journey today by getting in touch with the team for a no-fuss, no-obligation chat – or alternatively, book a callback for a time that is ideal for you!

An elderly woman uses her newly installed straight Handicare 1100 which is at the bottom of the stairs.

What types of stairlifts are there?

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers has surveyed and installed leading models of stairlifts on domestic staircases across the UK.

From narrow, straight staircases to tightly curved ones, we can ensure you get all the benefits of a cost-effective and reliable solution – without ever compromising on style. All of our Handicare Stairlift models – including the Handicare 1100 which boasts the narrowest rail available on the market – have customisable seats that come in a choice of colours and additional upholstery options.

With all our models of stairlifts, we know your mobility aid will not only need to fit the flow but also the feel of your property, which is why we are more than happy to discuss changeable aspects of our entire product range – from adjustable seating to rail colours.

Here at Senior Stairlifts, your built-to-order straight or curved stairlift will always look right at home on your staircase.

How long does it take to install a stair lift?

Thanks to our stairlift specialists, we can have your brand-new or reconditioned stairlift fitted in a matter of hours.

When you first get in contact with us, one of our friendly engineers in Leeds will organise a survey of your property at a time that best suits you. After discussing your needs and what you’d like out of your quality stairlift, including any additional features such as powered seat options and hinged rails for further space conservation, following some quick and accurate measurements our team can get to work.

We have a range of stairlifts to suit every property and requirement, with extensive experience in tailoring the best mobility technology available to your unique staircase.

Our team loves a challenge and is able to use leading 3D imaging software to custom-install curved stairlifts to even the most complicated spiral staircase.

This allows you to see how your quality Senior Stairlifts aid will seamlessly fit into your home, before we’ve even installed it, giving you the opportunity to add further helpful features such as powered perch seating, as you see fit. We also ensure that every single one of our hand-built stairlifts undergoes rigorous quality and safety checks, with all of our mobility solutions complying with the newest European Safety Standards.

If you’d like to book a survey with one of our engineers in the Leeds area, get in touch using our easy-to-use form or alternatively, arrange a call-back today.

Why choose Senior Stairlifts

Here at Senior Stairlifts, we’re passionate about getting customers back up and moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your home. Our exceptional, comprehensive customer service always puts you first, meaning we will always give you straightforward advice, pricing, and accurate no-obligation quotes – but never a load of sales waffle.

Our reactive way of working means that if you flag up a problem, we can get a friendly engineer out to your property within 24 hours with an aim to resolve it the very same day. With our simple but effective processes, quality products and stellar customer service, we’re proud to have made hundreds of stairlift owners in Leeds, and beyond, feel happy and safe again.

Our engineers are always happy to provide honest, professional advice to customers and take great pride in having a welcoming team.

This, combined with high-quality service, makes us tried, tested (and most importantly, trusted) when it comes to supporting clients throughout the UK. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

To start your mobility journey with us, pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 0333 255 0666 or get in touch using our easy-to-use contact form today.

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