Can I Get Help To Buy A Stairlift?

Getting a stairlift installed is a big decision. Getting a stairlift can greatly improve your life. If you are struggling to climb the stairs and find they it leaves you exhausted and tired then a stairlift can remove this unnecessary exhaustion from your day.

Remember a stairlift is something that you will likely be using a few times a day for as long you need to. A stair lift might seem expensive but it’s an investment that will have a huge positive impact on your life.

If you discover you need a stairlift to make life easier but don’t think you can afford then there are ways to get help to buy a stairlift or cheaper alternatives to buying a stairlift brand new.

How Can I Get Help To Buy A Stairlift?

If you really need a stairlift but can’t afford it, you shouldn’t have to suffer. You can apply for grants from the government to help you but a stairlift if you really need one. If you live in England, Northern Ireland or wales then you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant through your local council.

Disabled Facilities Grant is a means-tested grant so it’s possible you may not qualify, or if you do qualify, the grant may not cover the entire price of the stairlift.

When you apply for the grant you have to be able to prove that you do live in the property and plan to live there for at least the next 5 years. The council will assess whether installing a stairlift is “necessary and appropriate” for your needs.

Rules and restrictions change for every council so you will need to check what the requirements are for your area and see if you meet them. There is no set amount of money you can be allocated and again it can vary depending on the area.

Can I Get Help To Buy A Stairlift?

Are There Cheaper Alternative Ways To Get A Stairlift?

Buying a stairlift brand new is one of the pricer ways to get a stairlift but there are cheaper ways. Reconditioned and rental stairlifts can be a more affordable way to get a stairlift installed for your home.

Here at Senior Stairlifts, we have a variety of reconditioned stairlifts for you to choose from. A reconditioned stairlift is a stairlift that has already been installed and used on another household before. We take these stairlifts and replace anything that needs replacing.

All of our reconditioned stairlifts are put through rigorous testing by our professional engineers. We make sure every stairlift we supply is safe and check to make sure it passes our high standards.  

If you don’t know if you want a stairlift or don’t think you will need it for long then you can try a rental stairlift. A rental stairlift is a fully fitted and functional stairlift that you pay for monthly until you no longer need it. If you no longer want your rental stairlift you can just call and cancel and we will come and remove it.

Can I Get Help To Buy A Stairlift?

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