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Batteries for stairlifts are an indispensable component of many models. They provide the power needed to operate the lift, ensuring that the user can safely and easily navigate the stairs in their home.

Stairlift batteries are rechargeable. Most stair lift models come with a charging station that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It’s important to keep the batteries charged, as a dead battery can cause the stair lift to stop working, which is a major inconvenience.

But how do you know when a battery needs a replacement? We have put together frequently asked questions and information about stair lift batteries for your peace of mind.

As always, if you need any support, we are your local stairlift experts bringing you a 24/7 service you can trust.

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Types of batteries available

When choosing a stairlift that fits your home and needs, it is important to consider the type of battery that comes with it. There are two main types of stair lift batteries: sealed lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

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Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

These are the most common type of battery used in stairlifts. These batteries are sealed, meaning that they don’t require as much maintenance or water refilling. They are reliable and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them a good choice for outdoor stairlifts. However, they are heavy and have a shorter lifespan than lithium-ion batteries.

An elderly woman talks to her husband and uses her newly installed straight Handicare 1100 which is at the bottom of the stairs.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are becoming increasingly popular in both straight and curved stairlifts due to their high energy density and long lifespan. They are lightweight and more energy efficient than sealed lead-acid batteries, which means that they can power a stairlift for longer periods of time. They also have a longer lifespan, with some lithium-ion batteries lasting up to 10 years. However, they are more expensive than sealed lead-acid batteries.

How do I charge my stairlift battery?

No matter if you purchase a curved or straight stairlift from a trusted manufacturer, it should come with its own charging station – the charging station is usually located at the end of the stairlift track or on a nearby wall. The installing engineer should explain where everything is upon instalment. Each stairlift should come with its own manual as well.

But if you’re curious about the process before purchasing, here’s what to do to charge a stairlift battery:

  1. Position the stairlift: The stairlift should be positioned at the charging station, with the charging pins lined up with the charging contacts.
  2. Connect the charging pins: Insert the charging pins into the contacts. Both are usually colour-coded or labelled to ensure correct alignment.
  3. Plug in the charging station: The charging station should be plugged into a standard electrical outlet to start charging the battery.
  4. Allow the battery to charge: The battery should be left to charge for the recommended amount of time, which will vary depending on the type of battery and the level of charge.
  5. Disconnect the charging pins: Once the battery is fully charged, the charging pins can be removed from the charging contacts.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging the stairlift battery to ensure safe and proper operation. It’s also a good idea to regularly check the battery’s charge level and recharge it as needed to avoid any interruptions in the stairlift’s operation.

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How long do stairlift batteries last?

The lifespan of a stairlift battery can vary depending on a couple of factors:

  • The type of battery
  • The age of the battery
  • How frequently the stairlift is used

In general, most stairlift batteries will last between two and five years before needing to be replaced. Sealed lead-acid batteries, which are the most common type of battery used in stairlifts, typically will last around this length. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, can last longer, with a typical lifespan being up to 10 years.

It’s good to note that the lifespan of a stairlift battery can also be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity, and usage patterns. For example, a stairlift that is used frequently or that carries heavy loads may experience a shorter battery life than one that is used less or that carries lighter loads.

Regular stairlift servicing can help to prolong the life of your stairlift’s battery and ensure that the lift operates safely and reliably. If you notice any signs of battery trouble, such as slow or intermittent movement or beeping or flashing warning indicators, contact our friendly team of engineers 24/7.

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Cost of stairlift battery

Depending on the type of battery required, replacement batteries can cost up to £100 or more. However, if you own an atypical stairlift model, you might need to pay more if a unique battery type is required.

If you need a replacement battery, we are competitive with our pricing and can put together a quote for you as part of our servicing package. Our engineers will also be able to advise on which battery is the most suitable fit and explain any additional costs that may apply depending on the specifics of your machine.

Overall, replacing stairlift batteries will incur some cost, but this amount rarely exceeds more than £100. If your stairlift is due a service, we offer a 24/7 support line and optional servicing packages. You are welcome to use our services regardless of whether we have installed your stairlift or not.

For pricing guidance to replace the stairlift itself, request a no-obligation stairlift quote from us today.

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How do I know if my stairlift is running low or stopped working?

If your stairlift has started to run slower than usual or has stopped working completely, you may need to consider replacing the main batteries. Batteries in most stairlifts typically last for several years depending on usage, but it is important to keep an eye on their condition as they can begin to slow down or even stop altogether if they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Here are some signs that your battery needs replacing:

  • Your stairlift is slower than usual
  • Your stairlift stops after a short distance or intermittently
  • The battery won’t charge in the charging station

If your stairlift is having any other problem, here is a simple guide on checks you can carry out yourself to solve the problem.

The money spent on new batteries will soon pay for itself in the form of increased reliability and safety for using your lift, meaning you no longer have to worry about slow running times or complete stoppages. Keeping up with regular maintenance and replacements should mean that you get many years of reliable service from your stairlift.

How are stairlift batteries replaced?

You can book a stairlift repair appointment with us.  We’ll send out a qualified engineer who will run a few checks on your lift to identify whether you need your battery replaced or if there is a separate issue causing the fault.

If a replacement is needed, we’ll source your new battery according to the correct make/model and install it.

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