How To Get A Stairlift Repaired

If your stairlift breaks down, then you need to get it repaired fast so that you can get back on track and carry on with your day. With Senior Stairlifts, we try and get an engineer out to you within 24 hours. We understand how important a stairlift can be for you and for your daily routine and we never want anyone to be without a stairlift for too long.

All of our engineers are specially trained and know absolutely everything there is to know about stairlifts. We are confident that one of our expert engineers will be able to locate and solve the issue with your stairlift as quickly and as efficiently as possible so that you can get on with your day.

If your stairlift is in need of repair, call us now on 0800 995 6019.

How To Get A Stairlift Repaired

Remember To Get Your Stairlift Serviced

If you want to prevent your stairlift from breaking down in the future, then it is vital that you get your stairlift serviced regularly. By getting your stairlift serviced regularly our helpful engineers can prevent your stairlift from breaking down in the future.

We can spot problems before they escalate and just give your stairlift a quick tune-up so that these little problems don’t escalate into major issues that can leave you without a stairlift.

Best of all, thanks to our amazing team of knowledgeable engineers, Senior Stairlifts can service your stairlift no matter what make or model. We will service your stairlift whether you purchased it from us or not.

We can offer service and warranty plans on any stairlift, meaning you can relax knowing we have your stairlift covered for any maintenance and repairs it may need.

To find out more call our team to find out more 0800 995 6019.

How To Get A Stairlift Repaired

What Should I Do If My Stairlift Breaks Down Completely?

There might come a time when your stairlift breaks down and cannot be fixed or repaired. When this happens, you will need to remove it as an unused stairlift isn’t helping anyone and might become and hindrance or risk to people trying to climb the stairs.

Stairlifts have to be installed by professional engineers to make sure that the stairlift is installed as safely and securely as possible. because of this you probably won’t be able to remove the stairlift yourself and therefore will need a stairlift engineer to come and uninstall it.

You can contact your stairlift provider for more information on when and how they will remove it. There shouldn’t be much evidence left to show that there was ever a stairlift there aside from some indentations in the carpet that can easily be fixed over time.

You can also sell or donate your stairlift to be repaired and then resold it as a reconditioned stairlift if you like. A reconditioned stairlift is a stairlift that has already been owned. Our team of engineers work to restore and replace all the parts on a stairlift until it works like brand new again and passes all the safety tests that a new stairlift would have to pass before we sell it as a reconditioned stairlift.

How To Get A Stairlift Repaired

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