Stairlift Not Working? Here Are Some Simple Checks

Sometimes stairlifts break down or just stop working. We understand that when your stairlift stops working it can have a huge impact on you, especially if you are struggling to climb the stairlift without it.

Thankfully when a stairlift breaks down it doesn’t have to be a cause for concern, a lot of the time a stairlift not working can be fixed with just a few simple checks.

Stairlift Not Working? Here Are Some Simple Checks

Here Are Some Simple Checks

First thing first, check the Battery or power

When a stairlift stops working it’s usually a problem with the power. Double-check the on/off switch and the master power switch, then turn the key from the off to the on position.

Similarly, if your stairlift has started beeping and won’t stop then it might be a problem with the battery. it most likely just needs charging but if your stairlift is simply refusing to charge or cannot hold its charge for long then you might need to call for a repair.

Make Sure The Stairlifts Path Is Clear

If your stairlift is stopping short of the bottom or top of the stairs, something might be blocking the way. For safety reasons stairlifts are built with sensors that will stop the stairlift if anything comes into contact with it.

Check there is nothing blocking the way of the stairlift. You may need to wipe or dust the stairlift as a build-up of dust can sometimes trigger the sensors.

Try Resetting Your Stairlift

Sometimes turning something off and on again can help jump start your stairlift and have it working again as good as new. To reset a stairlift, turn the power off for 30 seconds, then turn the power back on again.

When To Get Your Stairlift Repaired

If you try all of these simple checks and your stairlift still isn’t working, then you might need to call a professional stairlift company for repairs. You also are aware of your stairlift making any usual noises or making sudden shuddery movements, if this happens then be sure to call for a repair.

Stairlift Not Working? Here Are Some Simple Checks

What should I Do If My Stairlift Has Completely Broken Down?

 If your stairlift breaks down, then you need to get it repaired fast so that you can get back on track and carry on with your day. With Senior Stairlifts, we try and get an engineer out to you within 24 hours. We understand how important a stairlift can be for you and your daily routine and we never want anyone to be without a stairlift for too long.

All of our engineers are specially trained and know absolutely everything there is to know about stairlifts. We are confident that one of our expert engineers will be able to locate and solve the issue with your stairlift as quickly and as efficiently as possible so that you can get on with your day.

If your stairlift is in need of repair, call us now on 0800 995 6019.

Don’t forget to get your stairlift serviced regularly. This was we can keep your stairlift fined tuned and spot potential breakdowns before they happen.

If your stairlift has broken down completely then you might want to think about getting rid of your old stairlift and purchasing a new one. A member of our team can remove your old stairlift and if you like you can get rid of it, donate it or sell it depending on what’s right for you.

Stairlift Not Working? Here Are Some Simple Checks

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