Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs

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2000 Simplicity Side Stairs - Straight rail.

We know that narrow staircases can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. That’s why our stairlifts for narrow stairs are the perfect solution for anyone with mobility problems, especially if you’re worried about maintaining independence in the home you love.

Everyone needs a little extra help from time to time. That’s why Senior Stairlifts are proud to offer a fantastic range of stairlifts for straight, slim and even curved stairs.

Of course, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many types of stairlifts, and here at Senior Stairlifts, we believe in finding the best one for your unique needs – even if you have a narrow stairwell.

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We put convenience and accessibility at the centre of everything we do, allowing you to continue doing the things you love in the place you call home.

A New Path to Accessibility: Narrow Stairlifts

Sleek, stylish design and cutting-edge technology.

Purpose-built and measured specifically for your home.

Safety sensors to stop the stairlift should it come into contact with obstructions.

Super-reliable internal power system complete with a backup battery.

Manufactured in the UK and fitted by our dedicated team.

Understanding the Need for Stairlifts in Narrow Spaces

Under UK building regulations, there is no minimum width for domestic staircases.

If your home was built later than 2010, then there is usually a minimum of 800mm – making it suitable for most mobility solutions.

However, despite there being plenty of rules on widths for fire escapes and disabled access, unless your home was built with this in mind, many older staircases are simply not big enough!

At Senior Stairlifts, we understand the importance of independence. That’s why many leading stairlift manufacturers, such as Handicare and Thryssenkrupp, have created specialised ‘slim’ models with this problem in mind.

We’re proud to stock some of the best available on the market. We also offer outstanding bespoke options for curved stairs and difficult layouts, all hand-fitted by our team of expert engineers. 

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Our Range of Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs

Handicare 1000 (Straight)

With one of the slimmest rails available, the Handicare 1000 straight stairlift is neat, compact and can be easily installed into a range of homes.

Due to its clever aluminium track that does not disrupt your home’s flow, the Handicare 1000 is the perfect choice if you’re looking to conserve space. It is one of the smallest and strongest rails on the market, helping you feel safe and supported on even the narrowest staircases.

Bespoke curved

Purpose-built and measured specifically for even the narrowest of stairs, all of our curved stairlifts are manufactured in the UK and fitted by our dedicated team.

So if you’re looking for a stylish stair lift for a home with sub-landings, and corners – or is generally short on space – the Handicare 2000 Curved twin rail system can be made bespoke to your stair’s exact measurements.


Handicare 1100 (Straight)

The Handicare 1100 is the narrowest straight stairlift we have available – making it the perfect match for tricky layouts without encroaching on valuable space.

With an ultra-strong aluminium track, the 1100 comes with an unmatched warranty, alongside our other Handicare offerings.

This is a comprehensive, 36-month warranty on these narrow stairlifts, complete with a 24/7 support line and optional servicing packages. 

Finding a suitable solution with Senior Stairlifts

At Senior Stairlifts, we don’t do ‘one size fits all’.

When it comes to narrow staircases, you’ll need a stairlift solution that can navigate difficult corners, layouts, and more.

At Senior Stairlifts, we’re proud to offer multiple options for you, your family and your home. Using clever space-saving design and slim-fit technology, stairlifts can now be fitted to almost any width of staircase.

You can even get stairlifts for narrow curved stairs – so don’t think that your staircase isn’t suitable, as our engineers have plenty of experience installing solutions fit for small spaces.

Still worried about finding the right stairlift for your narrow staircase?

The best place to start is by giving us a call. Our friendly team have plenty of experience and are on hand to help you buy a stairlift with confidence – knowing it will meet your individual needs going forward.

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Your Questions About Narrow Stairlifts Answered

What’s the minimum width for a stairlift?

To comfortably fit a stairlift, our experts usually say that a straight staircase should be at least 700mm (27.5 inches) wide. If the staircase is curved, the minimum width will increase to 800mm (31.5 inches) wide – as a rough rule of thumb.

But if you’ve grabbed the tape measure and find yourself coming up short, don’t worry.

Stairlifts can typically be fitted to almost all-width staircases, with specialist models available to accommodate even very narrow stairs and home layouts.

However, since many leading stairlift manufacturers have become aware of this issue, they’ve been creating several solutions that we are proud to offer. We can also use our extensive collection of parts and accessories to create a custom fit for you.

Due to demand, it may be difficult to find these available as reconditioned or for rental purposes. This is because many stairlifts are built bespoke, making reuse somewhat tricky.

As well as the slim rail to fit neatly against a narrow wall, many leading manufacturers producing ‘slimline’ or ‘compact’ stairlifts include folding armrests, seats, footplates, and a slim rail.

This enables them to be folded away when not in use, so your stairlift fits even the smallest space when in use or on standby.

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Very pleased with the service given. Would definitely recommend. Quick, easy and very friendly.

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Lovely company, came to our rescue when no-one else would. Very professional, very friendly. Would very highly recommend them.

D Campbell
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Took my old stairlift out without making any mess put a sheet over my floor in case of any scratches & had my new one in within the hour he tested it then asked me to test it. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

J Noller
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