5 Reasons To Sell Your Stairlift

An electric motorized chair lift for persons with disabilities.

A time may come when you no longer need your stairlift. Perhaps your loved one has moved into a new home where they don’t need a stairlift or it could be that they are no longer with us. Whatever the reason, if you have a stairlift you don’t need any more then you can sell your stairlift. Here are 5 reasons to sell your stairlift.

1: You Can Make Some Money Back When You Sell Your Stairlift

You probably spent a lot of money on your stairlift and it’s always nice to get a little money back even after all the years of use you have gotten out of your stairlift. You can sell your stairlift back to your stairlift provider or any company that buys and sells stairlifts.

The amount of money you get for your stairlift will depend on how old the stairlift is and what condition it is in when you come to sell it.

5 Reasons To Sell Your Stairlift

2: It can help someone else who can afford a new stairlift

When you sell a stairlift, it can be repaired and returned and then sold as a reconditioned stairlifts. A reconditioned stairlift is a stairlift that has already been used and has now been repurposed. Reconditioned stairlifts are then sold at a lower price than brand new stairlifts.

Reconditioned stairlifts are a little bit more affordable than brand-new stairlifts and these cheaper stairlifts can be a huge help for people who need stairlifts but can’t really afford to buy a new one at full price.

3: Selling your Is better for the environment

When you sell your stairlift, chances are it will either become a reconditioned stairlift to be sold again, or it will be stripped down for parts that can be used again in new stairlifts and for repairs.

This way the stairlift is being recycled and as much of the stairlift is being used as possible. This is so much better for the environment than just throwing the stairlift away, so when you sell your stairlift you are doing your bit for the environment and making our planet a better place to live.

5 Reasons To Sell Your Stairlift

4: It may be easier to sell a house without a stairlift

If your loved one no longer needs their house then you might want to sell it, or you might one day be thinking of selling your own home. If the home has a stairlift in it might be harder to sell the house. It is unlikely you will find someone who is looking to buy a house with a stairlift in it so you will probably have more success if you remove the stairlift.

There shouldn’t be much evidence that there was ever a stairlift there aside from a few holes that can easily be filled in and carpet indentations that will fade over time, so it is defiantly worth removing a stairlift if you are trying to sell the house.

5: Removing the stairlift will give you more space

All of our stairlifts are designed to be as sleek and slim as possible to make it easy for no stairlift user to still be able to use the stairs with ease.

However, when a stairlift isn’t being used it can become a source of clutter and will end up getting dust and becoming a nuisance. Selling an unused stairlift can make a huge difference to your staircase and don’t be surprised if your staircase and hallway suddenly look a lot bigger without the stairlift there.

5 Reasons To Sell Your Stairlift

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