How does it work?

Firstly either one of our engineers will visit your home or we will do a survey over the phone. This is to ensure we can match the stairlift to your exact needs and staircase.

Once agreed we can usually have the rental stairlift installed the following day for you to begin using. However on some occasions this can be done within the same day.

After we have fit the rental stairlift you continue to use until you no longer require it, taking piece of mind that you have warranty and are on hand 24/7.

Once you no longer need the rental stairlift, just call us and we’ll remove it, leaving your stairway as we found it.

Rental stairlift photo

What are the costs?

The rental stairlift solution can be much more cost effective than buying.

We charge an up front fee which covers the cost of installing and removing the stairlift and the first six months rental payment.

The fee can vary depending on whether your stairlift is straight or curved, or if you require optional powered extras.

After this there is a small monthly fee for the duration you have the stairlift. 

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