Who Buys Second Hand Stair lifts in the UK?

Who Buys Second Hand Stair lifts in the UK?

A stair lift is an essential mobility tool for many people across the UK, but sometimes the usefulness of a stair lift is lost with the need for a stair lift in the home no longer being required.

As covered in our blog about how stair lifts can impact your home value, There is very little chance that a stair lift will increase the value of your home unless you are selling your home to a very niche market. So for many the best option is to sell your stair lift.

We at Senior Stairlifts have two companies that we know provide a quality service and fair prices for anyone looking to sell their model of lift.


SellMyStairlift is a brother company to Senior Stairlifts. Operating nationally across the UK, SellMyStairlift is an excellent choice if you have a stair lift that you want to sell very quickly for a fair price. The stair lifts sold are repaired & reconditioned for another person who needs help getting up the stairs to use.


WeBuyAnyStairlift is a great alternative, especially for those who have an older model of lift to sell. They ensure that they give you the fairest price they can for your lift, and if the lift is broken & unusable they do offer a reasonably priced removal service.

Recycling & Renewability

We recommend both of these companies because they believe in renewable practices when it comes to re-using mobility equipment. They will recondition and repair stair lifts where they can, and with parts & pieces that do not have any use are disposed of safely & in an environmentally conscious way.

Understanding the Value of a Second Hand Stair lift

Stair lifts with time & use will depreciate in value. This means that apart from in unusual circumstances, you will not be able to make a profit your stair lift purchase.

However, there is still a high demand for people who need a mobility solution but are not able to afford or are not willing to pay for a brand new stair lift. So as long as the wear & tear on your lift is minimal then you will be able to make some of your money back.

Quick Selling Vs Playing the Market

There are two main methods of approach you can take to looking at selling your stair lift. You can either sell it quickly or try to play the market to get the best price for your lift. Both approaches have their pros & cons.

With quick selling you would take the first quote that you think is reasonable enough to you. This way you would be spending as little time as possible looking for someone to buy your lift, but you also may not get the most money you could for it.

Where as with playing the market, you’ll be able to get the best price you can for your lift but this may take longer to do as you would have to find multiple companies who are willing to buy your stair lift & compare quotes. There is the chance that the time investment is not worth it because of stair lift buying companies giving you similar quotes.

Our Advice:

We suggest reading our information on the topic & then deciding on which method of going about selling your lift is right for you. Do you have extra time on your hands & want as much money back as possible? Or would you prefer to get money into your pocket as quickly as possible & get your stair lift removed?


If you are no longer in need of a stair lift in your home, there are many ways of going about removing it. We believe that a stair lift in a perfectly usable condition does not need to end up on a landfill, so we appreciate those companies who take a little extra care to make sure that take a little extra time to stop that from happening.

When it comes to getting the most out of selling your second hand stair lift, there are a few factors that you should take into account. Mainly how much time are you willing to spend comparing quotes from companies that buy stair lifts & how much money do you want back from your lift? Balancing these two factors appropriately will make for the minimal amount of time you are willing to invest into looking for quotes to the largest amount of money you can make back from your lift.