Which is the best Stair lift?

When looking for a stair lift for the first time, this is a question everyone asks:

“Which is the best stair lift?”

Of course, if one was the best, no other brand would exist! But just like vacuum
cleaners, Dyson isn’t the only game in town. Tesla isn’t the only car manufacturer to
produce electric cars!

Almost any search in the UK will bring up these top brands:

  • Acorn Stairlifts
  • Age UK Stairlifts
  • Brooks Stairlifts
  • Companion Stairlifts
  • Handicare Stairlifts
  • MediTek Stairlifts
  • Senior Stairlifts
  • Stannah Stairlifts

None of these providers would be on the list if they didn’t get the basics right!
So how do we decide for ourselves ‘which is the best stair lift’?

Which is the best Stair lift?

Here are some facts about the various brands

Some providers sell a range of different stairlift brands – Senior Stairlifts, for instance, sells brands including TK Home Solutions/TKE, Handicare, Acorn and Stannah. Whilst other Companies like Acorn Stairlifts will only sell their brand of product.

Which is the best Stair lift?

Acorn produces & sells directly through authorised dealers. It also sells its stair lifts under the name Brooks.

Which is the best Stair lift?

Stannah sells its own stair lifts under the Stannah brand and through a small number of authorised dealers. There may also be independent retailers who are partners, who get referrals that they pass on to Stannah. Your contract, in this case, is usually with Stannah direct.

Which is the best Stair lift?

Handicare sells through its sister company, Companion, but it is also the brand sold by Age UK. Age UK and Companion have slightly different terms and conditions. An example would be its warranties, where Companion offers 12 months, and Age UK offers two years warranty. Handicare also now owns the companies Minivator and Freelift as well.

Which is the best Stair lift?

Senior Stairlifts is a new brand quickly making a name for itself in competition with the established leading brands. You get to deal directly with the company. Senior Stairlifts is an independent company who sources Stairlifts from a wide range Industry leading brands so that they can fit the right lift for the customers needs.

How do you find the best Stair Lift?

Which is the best Stair lift?

Determining the “best” stair lift depends on a variety of individual factors,
preferences, and specific needs.

Here’s how you might approach answering this question

Assessing Your Needs:

User Requirements
Consider the user’s physical needs — for instance, do they need a seated, standing, or perched lift?

Staircase Type
The architecture of your staircase — straight, curved, or with landings — will determine the kind of stair lift is suitable for your home.

Space Constraints
Measure the space to ensure the stair lift fits comfortably without obstructing regular home activities.

Features to Consider:

Safety Features
Look for stair lifts with reliable safety mechanisms like seat belts, obstruction sensors,
and emergency stop buttons.

A good stair lift should have a comfortable seat, easy-to-use controls, and adjustable
features for a custom fit.

Battery Operation
A battery backup is crucial for power outages, ensuring the stair lift remains

Ease of Use
The stair lift should have intuitive controls, especially for users with limited dexterity.

Warranty and Support
A strong warranty and readily available customer service are important for long-term

Which is the best Stair lift?

Research and Comparison

Brand Reputation
Well-known brands with positive reviews can be a safer bet. But newer companies
may have better prices and service levels.

Customer Reviews
Look for feedback from other users, particularly those with similar needs and
staircases. Speak to users if you can.

While not always indicative of quality, the price can reflect the feature set and
durability of the stair lift.

Which is the best Stair lift?

Consultation and Testing

In-Home Assessment
Many companies offer free home visits to assess your staircase and discuss your
needs. Be sure to take those up and be wary of any company not offering this

Product Demos
If possible, test the stair lift models in a showroom or ask for a demo at home.

Financial Considerations

Determine your budget and check for any available financing plans or grants, like the
Disabled Facilities Grant in the UK.

Final Thoughts About the ‘Best’ Stairlift

The “best” stairlift is one that meets the user’s needs, fits well within the home, and
comes from a reputable company with a strong record of quality and service.

It’s advisable to seek professional advice and quotes from multiple suppliers to
compare options. Nothing beats speaking with the helpline to see how each
company responds to your enquiry.