Can Stair Lifts help people with Osteoporosis?

Can Stair Lifts help people with Osteoporosis?

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the bones of the individual are weakened, making them more prone to breaking & fractures. This occurs when your bone density is much thinner than normal.

According to this NHS rightcare scenario study, there are over 3 million people in the UK who suffer with osteoporosis. Over 42% of people who are diagnosed say that the condition makes them feel socially isolated, which in turn has a negative impact on their mental health & their social lives.

Improving Safety with a stair lift

A Stair lift is a mobility solution that helps individuals who have mobility solutions be able to safely climb up or down a stair case. The controls of a lift are designed in a way to allow those with impaired movement to be able to still operate them in a confident & safe manner.

Meaning that individuals with Osteoporosis will be able to use a stair lift to climb up or down their stairs.

Can Stair Lifts help people with Osteoporosis?

Cost Effective solution to Independence

Whist stair lifts are not the cheapest mobility aid on the market, the improvement to quality of life that a stair lift provides is worth the purchase. With a quality lift that will attach to a straight stair case costing around £2300-£4500 they are not an impulse purchase.

But for a long term solution to the navigating the stairs, a stair lift can be well worth the initial cost for the safety and ease of access to different stories of a home that is offered. It is well worth going to a professional & well reviewed stair lift installation company to get one installed so that you are not having to make repeat purchases.

Improving Independence & Supporting Rehabilitation

A stair lift being introduced to the home can help people with Osteoporosis make the next step towards mobility independence. For what was once a dangerous tasks due to the nature of the condition, a lift will provide a safe & secure method in elevating up the stairs.

This new ability increases autonomy in the home, improving independence and in turn allowing for the person suffering to exert their energy into tasks elsewhere & activities that bring them happiness.

For those who have Power & Mobility Training Support

We understand that for many people with Osteoporosis, power training and mobility support are key parts to recuperation and maintaining a higher quality of life. For when a person is feeling sore after a workout, a stair lift can minimize the risk of falls & injuries when climbing the stairs through the multitude of safety features like seat belts & automatic sensors.

By creating a safe environment in the home, a persons quality of life is increased & their Independence is improved. Allowing them to focus on what really matters.

A Elderly Woman in Pink Leotards doing power training


In summary, yes a stair lift can help people with Osteoporosis. The enhanced safety with climbing the stairs is a great benefit to the user & provides peace of mind to loved ones & carers alike. The benefits of having a stair lift in your home are numerous, with safety & ease of access being at the forefront. But also the longevity of independence and the ability to prioritize a persons energy on more important things like socializing and enjoyable activities.

If you are interested in acquiring a stair lift of your own, you can contact Senior Stairlifts to get a fast and fair quote for a lift that will but suitable for your needs. As an independent company Senior Stairlifts is not limited to one type or brand of lift for your home. So our experts can assess which type, make & model of lift would be right for you.