Stairlift Reselling & Recycling

People often ask, “Can my stairlift be resold or recycled?”. It can be common that a stairlift will have a relatively short life, in some circumstances.

With recycling of materials and a re-use of the initial investment in mind, it is sensible to ask what the future life of your product may be.

Yes, stairlifts can often be resold or recycled, which is a consideration for many when they no longer need their stairlift or are moving to a home where it is not necessary. Perhaps into a bungalow or a care home on a single floor.

Here’s an overview on both stairlift reselling and stairlift recycling:

Reselling a Stairlift


Who Buys used stairlifts near me?

There is a market for used stairlifts, especially for straight stairlifts which are easier to fit in a new location than custom-made curved ones.There are many starlift removal companies who you can contact but we recommend Sell My Stairlift for the best price that you would be able to get back from your stairlift purchase.

Condition Matters

The better the condition of your stairlift, the more likely you are to find a buyer. It makes sense to look after your stairlift to maintain its value so that you can get as much money back from it as possible.

Professional Dismantling

To preserve its value, the stairlift should be professionally removed. Some companies offer this service and others such as We buy any stairlift specalise in it. It’s certainly a question to ask your provider when you purchase your stairlift.

Transferable Warranty

Check if your stairlift’s warranty is transferable, as this can increase its value considerably due to all of the benefits that come with an extensive warranty package being included with your stairlift.

Selling Platforms

You can resell your stairlift through online marketplaces, local selling pages, or even back to the supplier or manufacturer if they offer a buy-back program. Bear in mind that in most cases you will not get as much money back for your stairlift than you spent on it plus the installation fees.

Recycling a Stairlift

Stairlift Reselling & Recycling

Who Recycles Stairlifts near me?

Sell my Stairlift will be able to help with the recycling of your stairlift. It is important that you get a professional company to come and recycle your stairlift because of the potential environmental damage the components of a stairlift could have if not disposed of properly.

Metal Components

The metal parts of a stairlift are recyclable. Many scrap metal services will accept these components.

Electronic Recycling

The electronic elements must be disposed of correctly, in line with electronic waste guidelines in your area.

Battery Disposal

Batteries must be recycled at appropriate facilities due to the chemicals they contain.

Removal Services

Some stairlift companies may offer removal services or can advise you on how to recycle the various parts responsibly and get as much money back from your stairlift purchase.

Considerations for Curved Stairlifts

Custom Design

As curved stairlifts are custom fitted to your staircase, they are harder to resell because they likely won’t fit another staircase without significant modification.

Parts Salvage

Parts from curved stairlifts can sometimes be salvaged and reused or sold for parts.


Charity Organizations for the Elderly

Grants and government schemes like the Disabled Facilities Grant would be able to five you financial aid to people trying to aquire a stairlift. If you were looking to donate your stairlift in the UK to someone in need, It would be a good idea to check within your local community for somebody who is in need of a stairlift who is not able to afford one who also isn’t eligible for a disabled facilities grant.

Community Giving

Your local community centres, veterans’ groups, or organisations that assist the elderly or disabled may know of individuals who are in need of a stairlift.

To find a local community centre in the UK, you can check the government’s community support group finding tool on their website.

Environmental Responsibility

Stairlift Reselling & Recycling

Eco Friendly Disposal

If recycling or reselling is not an option, ensure that the stairlift is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Manufacturer Take-Back

Inquire if the manufacturer has a take-back program for old stairlifts.

In Summary

If you are considering reselling or recycling your stairlift, it is often possible to do so. 

Straight stairlifts, due to their more standardised design, are typically easier to resell than curved ones. 

When recycling, it’s essential to consider the environmental implications and follow the correct procedures for disposal of electronic and metal waste. 

It’s a good idea to reach out to stairlift companies, as they can often give sound advice on who would be able to recycle your stairlift for further use with someone else who requires one, or who would be able to buy your stairlift and allow you to get some return on your investment.