Minibus Fundraiser for Age UK Leeds Launching Today!

Minibus Fundraiser for Age UK Leeds Launching Today!

Let’s get them that bus!

Senior Stairlifts is launching a fundraiser for Age UK Leeds to help raise funds for a new minibus. The bus would help older people to get to community events run by Age UK Leeds.

How can I help?

If you would like to help get a mini bus funded for Age UK Leeds so they can transport older people to regular exercise classes, digital support skills classes and more, you can either click on this link, or go on to your phone camera and scan the QR link below:

Minibus Fundraiser for Age UK Leeds Launching Today!

You will be directed to the Age UK Leeds fundraiser page, there you will be able to click on the “Donate” button where you can make a donation of any amount. Every donation will help us raise money to get Age UK Leeds a mini bus.

What will the Mini bus be used for?

Age UK Leeds hold regular events for older people to socialize, learn new skills & have some fun within their community hub, which lies in the heart of Leeds. A lot of people who would like to attend these events are not able to because of the limitations of transport that are available to them.

We would like to help change that. With the introduction of a mini bus, people who live a little further away from the community hub would be able to be picked up from their homes & taken to these events.

From Senior Stairlifts

At Senior Stairlifts, we know how lonely it can get in your older years. Our engineers are very happy to have a little chat before any work commences & have a proven track record of being bright & cheerful.

Minibus Fundraiser for Age UK Leeds Launching Today!

We believe that what what Age UK Leeds offer are essential services that help so many people. Having the capability to transport older people to and from these events, as well as offer other services & outings will have a massive impact on the quality of life for many older people in Leeds.