Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

If your staircase has twists and turns, you may be pondering the question, “Can stairlifts go around corners?”. At Senior Stairlifts, we appreciate that every home is unique, and staircases come in various shapes and sizes. The burning question for many is whether stairlifts can adapt to the corners of their staircase.

In this guide, we’ll address stairlift maneuverability, offering valuable insights for those considering a stairlift for themselves or a cherished family member. So if you require the use of a stairlift to improve your quality of life, you aren’t left uncertain.

Let’s delve into the details and provide clarity on this crucial aspect.

Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

Stairlifts Solutions at Senior Stairlifts

At Senior Stairlifts, we specialise in delivering stairlift solutions that cater to various staircase configurations with modern, versatile installations. 

If your staircase is curved or has plenty of sharp turns, don’t you worry! 

We don’t just offer straight lifts for straight staircases, our expert engineers and consultants enjoy a challenge and are excellently positioned to provide you with the perfect stairlift installation to unlock the full potential of your home.

So whether your staircase takes a gentle curve which our curved stairlift options would be able to navigate, or a tighter turn, each case is reviewed by our consultants who can determine a solution unique to your circumstances and the layout of the home.

Remember – we can call you back at a more convenient time to discuss your lift requirements if you fill out our form to request a callback, pop in a time that suits you, and one of our dedicated consultants will be in touch.

A Lift for Every Turn – How we Guaranteed the Ideal Corner-Friendly lift

So you know we cater to twists and turns on your staircase, but now?

Let’s look at the steps Senior Stairlifts take to ensure your lift meets your needs.

Staircase Layout

While modern stairlifts are versatile, the layout of your staircase remains a crucial factor. Understanding the specifics of your staircase – whether it involves a simple turn or a complex curve – helps determine the most suitable stairlift solution.

Lifts Designed with Your Space in Mind

Corner-friendly stairlifts are designed by our expert engineers to make the most of available space. They are precision-engineered to smoothly glide around corners, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising on comfort.

Customised Solutions

Every home is different, and so are its staircases and our consultants are there to pay careful attention to deliver a lift solution that meets your needs perfectly and accommodates the unique layout of your stairs. Our tailored approach ensures a perfect fit for every customer.

Professional Assessment

To ensure the perfect match between your staircase and the chosen stairlift, a professional assessment is invaluable. Our team at Senior Stairlifts offers personalised consultations, assessing your staircase’s nuances and recommending a tailored solution.

Installation Process

Installing a stairlift around corners involves precision and expertise. Our skilled professionals at Senior Stairlifts ensure that the installation process is seamless, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety. 

And after installation, for the additional peace of mind you deserve, we also provide regular maintenance and servicing to ensuring the longevity and performance of your stairlift.

Allow Senior Stairlifts to Help

Ready to turn the challenges of your staircase into a triumph of accessibility? At Senior Stairlifts, we offer a range of corner-friendly stairlifts designed to meet the unique needs of your home.

To make sure our stairlift solutions meet your needs without the financial commitment of a permanent installation, or if you don’t need a stairlift for long, call us today on 0808 503 4398 and we’ll find the best rental plan for your stairlift.

Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

Transform Your Staircase Experience

Don’t let corners be a hindrance to a more accessible and enjoyable life. Explore the range of corner-friendly stairlift solutions at Senior Stairlifts – get a quote from Senior Stairlifts today and experience the freedom of navigating your home with ease. 

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