7 Great Ways to Adapt your home for Easier Living

When we get in our older years, we normally find that our mobility tends to diminish. This is perfectly normal and should not stop you from living life to the fullest. At Senior Stairlifts our mission is to bring independence back to our customers with the assistance of mobility aids and adaptations to your home.

In this post we will share 7 great ways that you can adapt your home to improve your ease of access across all areas of the household.

1: Stairlifts

A Stairlift at the bottom of the stairs. An example of the best stair lift for the customers stairs.

Of course, as a stair lift company it would be difficult not to include stair lifts as one of the adaptations that you could make to your home. Stair lifts are an excellent adaptation that you could have installed to your home that would make getting up and down a set of stairs easier to accomplish.

All of the name brand stair lifts are built with safety as a priority, allowing for peace of mind when using them.

2: Grab Bars

Grab bars are a very cost effective method to improve your safety whilst traversing the home. Having multiple grab bars installed around the house in area such as in the bathroom & kitchen allow for there to be something secure to grab onto in the case of you losing your balance or if you are operating something that would pose a risk of falling whilst doing so.

Having grab bars in the bathroom is especially useful as if you are taking a shower, the floor will become wet which

3: Ensure Barrier-Free Entry to your home

Having to navigate around piles of stuff is not an ideal way to have your home set up. If needed hire a professional cleaner to assist with making sure that any & all rubbish is cleared away & move any furniture that may be blocking your ability to access parts of your home.

4: Widen Doors & Hallways

If you make use of a wheelchair, a walker or a scooter, finding a way to widen your doors & hallways would be an option to consider. This may be tricky for some as it would not be a cheap and easy fix to knock a wall down in your home, but rearranging furniture that may be narrowing a hallway or switching to a sliding door are more realistic options to remedy a lack of space to navigate freely.

5: Hand Rails

7 Great Ways to Adapt your home for Easier Living

Similarly to grab bars, hand rails are a relatively cost effective method to ensure that you have something that you can hang onto to help mitigate a nasty fall. whether its an improve hand rail for a stair case or a new one for a steeper area of the home a hand rail will make for a home improvement that will see good use.

Having a hand rail outside in a garden is a great way to help continue your use of the garden whilst helping to stop accidents occurring.

6: Lower Counters & Tabletops

Having properly heightened tables and counters will help greatly with not exerting a large amount of energy within day to day life. Moving cabinets, shelves and storage areas to a more accessible height will stop you from having to reach up or bend down to high or low respectively.

7: Improve visibility with quality Lighting

7 Great Ways to Adapt your home for Easier Living

Being able to see what you are doing will improve your ability to carry out tasks and engage in activities that bring you joy. Switching old bulbs for new, energy efficient LED bulbs with help with this. If you take part in a hobby at home, being able to


There are a multitude of different ways that you can adapt your home to improve your ease of living. From a stair lift to improving your light bulbs it goes to show no matter how big or small an adaptation may be, there are all sorts of ways that you can alter your environment to bring you joy.